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Monday 18 July 2016

Week 98 #MasturbationMonday You never know, until you ask #flashfic

Sleepily, he cupped my cunt. Not in a demanding way, more of an affectionate possessive touch.

With my eyes still shut, I let my hand drift over. I skimmed his leg, going by feel, until I found his flaccid cock where it lay against his hip and upper thigh. His fingers twitched against my labia.

Lazily, I ran my thumb over his warm skin, rubbing back and forth. His dick pulsed and lengthened just an inch, but as I continued his flesh awakened unfurling to full measure. 

"Watch it," he warned, his voice deep from sleep.

"Or what?" I challenged. 

All of a sudden, he rolled and straddled my hips. He kneed his way up my torso until his ass touched my chest. He gripped his erect cock and leveled it to my mouth. 

"Or this," he replied, tapping the head of his cock against my closed lips before pressing the tip to them, nudging as if he might thrust inside, but I knew better. 

Reflexively, I wet lips and his tip. He traced my bottom lip with the swollen head as if seeking permission. I kept my gaze on his and opened my mouth. 

I saw the victory in his dark eyes as he leaned forward, breaching the gap. 

"Mmm, your mouth is warm, baby." He closed his eyes and rocked back and forth, slow at first, allowing me to get used to the invasion. His heavy balls rubbed the hollow between my breasts. His thighs abraded my nipples, exciting me. 

As his tension grew, he thrust faster and deeper. I pressed backward into the pillow, creating some room. He filled my throat. 

"Ahh, yeah, suck it," he demanded. 

I firmed my jaws and drew back, hard. He gripped my ears and thrust mindlessly. 

His heavy breathing filled the room, along with incoherent demands and overlapping groans of pleasure. The tension in his body radiated, his cock swelled to full hardness. He was close. 

Suddenly he withdrew. 

Surprised, I stared up at him. 

The wild look in his eyes, excited me. 

Roughly, he gripped my aching breasts and pushed them together before plunged his dick between them. "Ahh, fuck yeah," he moaned, as he thrust his hips. "Want me to come all over your chin, your tits."

It wouldn't be the first time, I thought.

"It's been a long time since I blew my load all over you." His hips jerked, convulsively, but somehow he remained in complete control. 

He let go of my breasts. Once again, he fisted his dick. He traced the hot tip down my core, between my ribs, over my abdomen. When he reached my belly button, he surged forward as if filling me. "Ya want me right here?" he asked.

"Yes." I arched my back, pressing back at him. 

He continued the teasing trip down my body, running the smooth head of his distended shaft over my mound. My pussy contracted. I bent my knees, hoping he'd plunge inside, ending both our suffering but instead, he continued to tease me with his dick.

This time, he used the tip to round my engorged clit. I reached down between us and parted my lips, exposing the sensitive nub. The velvety rub of his cock abraded the raw nerve endings, edging my need to new heights. 

I imagined my coiled swollen clit poking out, trying to delve into the wet slit of his penis. "I want in you," I murmured, crazily. 

His one eyebrow shot up in surprise or perhaps interest. I didn't know, I didn't care, I just needed to come!

"That makes two of us," he all but growled.

To my relief, he levered himself over me and plunged inside. My pussy so slick, he slid balls deep in that one surging lunge. He remained planted and jerked his hips in sharp deep thrusts. His thumb found my clit. He looped roughly, but I didn't mind. I didn't need tender by that point. 

I grabbed his ass and pulled him even deeper. 

Delicious pulses radiated, waves crashed, one over the next. My hips thrashed and my husband joined me in a magnificent dual climax. 

He collapsed on top of me, stealing my breath, which I hadn't quite caught yet. He rolled off and to the side. 

"Wow," he ground out. He covered my stomach with his hand and kneaded. 

My body still quivered under his touch. I could easily go again.

"Watch it," I cautioned, using his earlier warning

He cracked an eye and looked at me. "Or what?" Was that challenge?
I reached over and opened the nightstand drawer where we kept the toys. 

"I wasn't kidding. Those babies aren't just for me. I want inside you."
His other eye opened and he stared at me. 

But I saw a flash of excitement. Oh yes, he was surprised but there was also interest in his dark gaze. 

Hot damn! 

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  1. I do love it when you let your creative and smutty mind go. Very nice!