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Saturday 27 August 2016

Week 156 #MySexySaturday There's no denying he's one Sexy Beast

Welcome to the 156th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: My Sexy Beast

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This week’s theme is My Sexy Beast and is our nod to all you shapeshifters out there. 

This is from a PNR erotic historical time-travel story, I might someday revamp and re-release. Hualryn is not quite a shifter. At this point, we're still not sure who or what he is. But there's no denying he's one sexy beast.

Nevaeh stretched languidly, her body still throbbing and alive from their lovemaking. 

“Hualryn, come back ta bed, my love, I’m not finished with ya yet.” 

A grunt was his only response. 

Sitting up, she looked toward the gallery. Her striking naked warrior stood looking out. His massive muscular legs splayed. His tight, toned backside clenched. The defined muscles in his back played in his restlessness. For once, his long dark hair hung loose over his enormous shoulders. 

Just observing him made her blood rush. 

She got out of bed and approached her big beautiful man. Crude black intricate tattoos masked his pleasing flesh, in the way of the early Picts. The more she stared, the markings seemed to swirl and move under his skin. It was mesmerizing.

Stroking her fingers over his flesh, she then embraced him from behind, molding her soft, naked body to his. 

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