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Saturday 22 October 2016

#MySexySaturday Sexy Rising - Rising from the Darkness - dark erotic romance

Welcome to the 164th week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme: Sexy Rising

A little set-up, our heroine, Nevaeh, is trapped inside a medieval castle during a cave-in. Once the dust settles, she's being crushed by tons of debris. 

I am in and out of consciousness. “Just come,” I whisper. Speaking is laborious, yet somehow it happens. “Just take me.” The incessant drone becomes vibration.

I sense it, a presence. Above me. Around me. Surrounds me. Becomes me. The pain subsides by degrees. Warmth seeps into me. I sigh at the pleasure of it. I didn’t realize I was so cold.

Without words, it communicates with me. Death is one with me. “You enjoy that,” it conveys telepathically.

“Yes. Thank you.” My gratitude is profound.

“You know what I am.” It is a statement. It is a part of me; it knows what I am thinking. I don’t need to articulate, I think, “Yes.”

“You are not afraid.”

“No, you comfort me.”

For a moment I sense confusion, and I am bewildered by it. It is not my uncertainty. It is illogical, death would not emote. But my thought is distracted. The lovely heat radiates through every part of me. “Ahhhh, that feels so good.” Everything in me tingles, from the top of my head right down to my feet. There is no pain. Not even my lungs hurt anymore. My inhalations become rapid instead of shallow. My blood rushes. I can hear it travelling through my veins. My pulse pounds in my head. My body throbs. My breasts tingle and my loins catch fire. I squirm. My body tightens. The heaviness in my lower half is nothing but carnal. I am not even being touched but I am being consumed, stimulated on every level. Mind, body and spirit. It fills me, inside and out. Unable to stop myself, my hips list in that dance as old as time. I am going to come.

“Onnhhh!” I am bombarded by one blissful, devastating, deep, gut-wrenching wave after another of exquisite, relentless pleasure. I want to weep at the intensity of it, but I am helpless. It has to stop, but I don’t want it to end. I thrash, uncontrollably experiencing an all over body orgasm. Like nothing I’d ever experienced in life. Is this heaven? A powerful tug deep inside sends another round of sweet undulation through me. I cry out.

“What am I, Nevaeh?” Death demands.

I pant, with my last breaths. “You. Are. All!”

Hope you enjoyed the snip. Nevaeh spelled backwards is heaven. :) 

Who caught that?

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