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Thursday 10 November 2016

Release Day Blog Hop + #Giveaway Love and Lust in Space Anthology - Various Authors #futuristic #erotic

 It's Release Day!

The ‘Love & Lust in Space’ anthology authors are so excited to share this collection with you. 

Erotic romance set in the stars

They say your screams can’t be heard in space… Unless you have a partner or two! Eleven authors take you on a trip where any pairings are acceptable, locations vary from spaceships to strange and futuristic worlds, and interesting and exciting objects can be used in sex play.

If randy astronauts, virtual reality lovers, sex in near-death situations, a commitment phobe human and her alien lover, and reproduction in space experiments don’t do anything for you, you are clearly not human!

So try the stories in the alien worlds half of the anthology, instead. Here you’ll find alien Doms, a mysterious gladiator saving a stricken princess, an exotic dancer, a paid assassin on the run, an illegal sonic dilda’tor, and a pleasure booth. Space has never been so exciting!

My contribution to the antho is an m-f-m short story entitled Naughty Nauts

Here's the blurb:

Astronauts Sawyer Hatcher and Bennedict Scott have just set the record for consective days in space.
It's Jessa MacArdle's job to observe their day-to-day condition. As their time on the ISS lengthens both nauts begin to exhibit strange quirks, including inappropriate sexual innuendo, which is directed straight at Jess.
But Jessa has no delusions. In what world would two such formidable men give a full-figured girl like her a second glance let alone make good on the dark and delicious promises made over an innocuous wall of monitors.

As you can probably gather from the name of my blog, I enjoy writing in many different genres and I like changing things up. I write erotic romance but I've never tried my hand at sci-fi or the futuristic sub-genre. So when I heard Jennifer Denys was editing the Love & Lust in Space anthology for Sexy Little Pages I took a look at the submission call and thought I'd give it a go and Naughty Nauts started to take shape. Of course, as is always my problem when I write, I had trouble keeping to the word count. So after many self-edits I submitted the manuscript. If I remember correctly, it was on the last day of consideration too. Then the nail-biting began. Though luckily, I didn't have to wait long. To my delight Naughty Nauts was accepted and I am thrilled to have my name alongside the talented authors in this antho and my story included in this diverse collection. There will be a little something for everyone to enjoy in this bundle. We hope you'll check it out and enjoy!

Please check out the other anthology authors’ blogs as you will find lots of interesting tidbits and may even find some giveaways!

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These are the stories:

Futuristic Earth

Naughty Nauts by H K Carlton (MFM)

It's Jessa's job to observe Astronauts Hatch and Scott aboard the ISS. As the mission lengthens both ‘nauts begin to exhibit strange quirks, including suggestive behavior towards her. Jessa has no delusions. In what world would such formidable men give a curvy girl a go, let alone fulfill the delicious promises made over a wall of monitors.

Sanctum by Dee Maselle (MF)

Fighting to reshape postwar Earth's data flows, virtual reality talents Krishav Santos and Marra find themselves trapped as rival network acquisitors - knackers. "We can be enemy knackers having fun while we wait," Marra decides, and she's right. After steamy VR fetish sex and united cybercombat, Santos wants Marra's talents in reality.

Re-entry by Ian D Smith (MF)

Astronauts, Paul and Helen, could easily die when their prototype space capsule malfunctions in orbit. Their only hope for survival for involves a risky spell with no radio contact. Total isolation is a time for honesty about their feelings for each other. With no guarantee of living until the next day, this last chance may be all they have.

One Night by Rose Wulf (MF)

Ivy doesn’t believe in love. But she believes in lust – like the lust that draws her focus to a sexy alien ambassador across the bar. He’s set to leave Earth the next morning, so Ivy figures she’s in for just a single night of erotic bliss when he walks her way. What she gets is so much more...

Filling the Void by Jordan Monroe (MFM)

Josie Rodriguez is the subject for a special mission. She is the female participant of a study to determine if humans can naturally reproduce in outer space. Her male partner for the study is also the captain of the mission, which takes place on board the International Space Station. She isn’t opposed to having other lab partners, so to speak…

Alien Worlds

The Audition, by Ashe Barker (MF with multiple partners/aliens)

When she accidentally opens a wormhole whilst working for NASA Lucy tumbles through to find herself in a parallel dimension with no way back. Ever. In this new and terrifying world she has to choose a Dominant mate from the group of males all more than happy to audition for the role.

The Gladiator’s Princess by Morgan King (MF)

When life’s turning out just as you expected it to, when you’re about to be bred publically, as the climatic conclusion to a gladiatorial, orgy inspiring, conquest what Princess Kenara needs is a hunky alien to take her hostage. If Destin can also help with the pesky problem of her heat being triggered even better…

Alien Attraction by Dylan McEwan (MM)

Five hundred years after the destruction of Earth, Aiden is a human slave on the planet Vordel, forced into the humiliating and tedious life of a sex performer in a seedy bordello. When he falls for the beautiful Vordellian aristocrat, Kyander, it seems like a hopeless dream, as relationships between the two species are strictly taboo.

Across the Stars by Ella Grey (MF)

Kai knew he couldn't hide forever, but he never thought his old employers would send Lyria to track him down. Lyria wants her freedom and if that means she needs to capture and return the man who stole her heart, then so be it.

The Sonic Dilda'tor by Jennifer Denys (MF)

Skarlet is a very sensuous woman, but is married to Braemel, whose people only have sex once every five years and she is desperate to save her marriage. She accidentally comes across a Sonic Dilda’tor and immediately knew it would help them. Unfortunately, it is banned on that planet …

Epilogue – after Futuristic Earth

The Pleasure Booth by Beverly Langland (MF and MFM scenes)

Altairian scientists have uncovered an ancient Human artefact - the Pleasure Booth. Kazan, a feminist, xenologist and leader of a secret society, is the first Altairian female to try the booth, though strictly forbidden. She feels the journey essential for her thesis on Human sexuality and for the liberation of Altairian females. What she discovers is both puzzling and revolutionary.

Also in Paperback

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