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Friday 9 December 2016

Adrenaline Lust - mm #gayforyou #erotica HFN - Now Available @Amazon

Just in time for the weekend
Adrenaline Lust
is now available at Amazon

Follow intern Blaine Sproles as he navigates his fellowship in the emergency department of a busy hospital.

After a particularly gruesome trauma, Blaine and attending physician, Doctor Kin Jerome, find themselves in a post-adrenaline fuelled tryst. A surprise encounter that leaves Blaine questioning not only his impetuous behaviour but also his sexual orientation.

Though the more experienced Dr. Jerome sloughs it off as nothing more than adrenaline lust, a spontaneous burst of hormones after a traumatic experience, Blaine is not convinced and can’t stop thinking about it or the handsome older physician.

Working so closely, the normally heterosexual men explore an intimate relationship built on mutual respect, caring and smoldering attraction. But it’s uncharted territory for both men.

Can it truly last? Or will it fizzle out just as quickly as it began, proving, the original hypothesis, that adrenaline lust is nothing more than a flash of hormonal desire without the need of emotional attachment or longevity?

Disclaimer: this story is erotica, gay-for-you, happy for now


“Though, I am going to put a piece of tape over it so you don’t scare the patients in my waiting room.”

“Yeah, because the pair of us walking in there looking like we’ve just attended Carrie’s prom, won’t scare the crap out of ’em.”

The sound of Kin’s deep rich laughter made Blaine’s belly flutter.

Kin ripped off a length of paper tape and smoothed it carefully so as not to get his hairline. His gentle touch belied the strength in his hands.

“There, good as new.” He grinned, but he let his hand skim the side of Blaine’s cheek as he finished.

The driver pulled the ambulance into the circular drive outside BGH, and shortly thereafter the attendants opened the double rear doors to let them out.

“Thanks for the ride back, guys.”

“No problem, Dr. Jerome. Sorry about that pothole.”

“Don’t worry about it, Blaine can spare some of his good looks.”

“Oh, this’ll just add to my draw. Women love scars, or so I’m told.”

“Some men dig ’em too,” Kin said out the side of his mouth, as he eyed one of the paramedics, who promptly gave an approving nod and a wink.

“You know it, Doc.” He grinned, unashamedly.

Jade met them out in the bay with clean gowns so they could camouflage the gore saturating their hospital blues. “Go straight to the showers boys,” she commanded.

“How’s it going in there?” Kin asked.

“We’re good. Dr. Tangrady came in. So shower and sleep if you need to, we’ve got everything under control.”

Blaine followed Kin into the change room but not before he glanced into exam room one, which had not yet been cleaned. He knew the bloody scene would be the last thing he saw when he closed his eyes next.

Kin reached around and grabbed the back of Blaine’s neck. “Don’t think about it. Put it out of your mind. We saved a life tonight. Hold onto to that.”

A tremor ran through Blaine’s form, but he wasn’t sure if it was from Kin’s grip or his words.

“Let’s get cleaned up and it’ll just be a memory.”

Blaine pulled his shirt off and grimaced when he saw the red stains on his skin. Tossing the soiled garment into the laundry, he walked into the row of stalls and turned on the water to warm.

Stripping out of his shirt also, Kin threw it into the hamper, and while untying his pants, he ducked into the line of showers. The loose pants puddled around his ankles. As he stepped out of them, Blaine averted his gaze but not before he got a full view of his toned ass.

Again, following his mentor's lead, Blaine discarded his pants and got under the warm spray.

Lathering up, he began to scrub the red from his body. He noted Kin was also vigorously scouring his skin. When he was done, he braced his hands against the wall with his face tilted up toward the spray. The water bounced off his throat. “Ahhh.” His deep sigh reverberated.

“You’ve got a bit, still on your back there, Dr. J.”

“How the hell did it get back there?”

“Probably just soaked around to there.” Without thinking, Blaine reached for a washcloth and rubbed the offending spot from him.

It wasn’t until Kin tensed that he realized what he was doing.

Clearing his throat, he grunted an apology and then turned away. His face felt hot with embarrassment.

“Thanks,” Kin responded.

Berating himself profusely, Blaine jumped when he realized Kin had moved closer.

“You... you’ve got...” Kin pointed. “Some...” he wiggled his index finger, indicating the color still marring his skin.

“Oh, yeah, thanks,” Blaine muttered, roughly wiping the cloth, above the hairy area below his belly button. To his chagrin, his cock twitched. But out of his peripheral, Blaine noted Kin’s dick was at half mast too. What the fuck was going on?

The next thing he knew, Kin had taken the cloth from him and began circling it against his abdomen. His skin began to prickle. His cock bobbed as he anticipated more of Kin’s touch. And thankfully he didn’t disappoint. He dropped the washrag with a plop and grabbed hold of Blaine’s distended cock dragging a moan from him.

“Don’t fight it,” Kin breathed, directing Blaine’s hands...

Adrenaline Lust
Get your copy now!

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