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Monday 16 January 2017

Week 124 #MasturbationMonday Naughty Office Romance The NØ Frat Clause #erotic

OMG this week's meme reminds me of a scene from Naughty Office Romance, The NØ Frat Clause. Talk about a handful or a mouthful. 😜

I couldn’t seem to comprehend anything Doug said. Situated directly outside my office, every move Lexi made demanded my attention. Painful boner or not, I had to get up and close the fucking door. 

“You okay, Roger?” Doug asked as I gently sat back down, his forehead creased in concern.  

“Yeah, sorry, Doug. I’m not feeling quite right today.” I didn’t mind speaking candidly with him. He was a work acquaintance first, but we’d seen each other enough in social situations, and I considered him a friend as well.  

“I’m sorry to hear that. You do look a bit flushed. Don’t give whatever you’re coming down with to me. I just got over that flu that’s been going around. I don’t need a relapse.” 

“No, it’s more of a work-related dilemma than an ailment.” 

“Oh? Would it happen to have anything to do with the shifting of positions around here?” 

“Uhh …” I hesitated. 

“Are things not working out? Between you and your new PA?” 

Working out? No. They weren’t fucking working out. I’d lost my fucking mind where she was concerned, and every day I couldn’t wait to get to work so I could play with her. Like she was a freakin’ new toy. All I wanted to do was put my fingers in her and put her in my mouth.  

I rolled my eyes at my wayward thoughts. Thoughts which also made my fucking cock, which had started to ease, inch back up. But Doug took my reaction the wrong way. 

“Mmm, well, maybe it’ll just take a little more time. She seems like a good fit …” 

I had visions of sliding effortlessly into her sweet cunt. Yep, we fit just fine.

“You just need to train her to be what you want and need …” 

I bit the inside of my cheek.  

“I know it took me a while to whip my assistant into shape.” 

Ahh, fuck!  

“But now we work flawlessly. Practically read each other’s minds now.” 

“No, she’s wonderful. I just … uh … she’s just …” I cleared my throat, knowing I was giving him the wrong impression. 

“Ohh, I see,” he said, an all-knowing grin forming. “She’s distracting you from your work.” 

I grimaced, not wanting to confirm his supposition. 

“Well, now, I can see how that could happen. She is a lovely girl.” His elbow twitched, and he gave me a conspiratorial wink.  

“Well. How about you get those documents you need me to sign, and I’ll let you get back to your lovely distraction.” 

I spun the paperwork in his direction. He took a pen from his lapel and signed where I indicated, then several times over.  

When we’d finished, he rose. “Well, thanks again, Roger. Always good doing business with you and the boys. You’ll call me when the applicants have been signed?” 

“Yes. Or my new assistant might call instead.” 

“Well, that would be a welcome change,” he said, walking to the door, but before he opened it, he asked, “So, do they have regulations in place around here about dating co-workers?” 

“We do.” 

“I see.” He whipped open the door, and my gaze landed squarely on Lexi, as did his.  

She looked up and her lips parted as she made eye contact with me. Her focus then shifted to Doug, and she forced a cordial smile. “Again, I could take her off your hands, you know,” Doug said conspiratorially out of the corner of his mouth. 

“I hope that won’t be necessary, but that’s real good of you to offer, you old dog.” 

He snorted and clapped me on the shoulder. “Anything for you, old friend.”  

Louder, he said, “Well, all the best, Roger.” We shook hands. “I think you’re going to need it,” he said for my ears only. 

“Yeah, don’t I know it,” I agreed. 

“Have an excellent day, Lexi,” he said as he left.  

“You too, Mr. Parkman.” She kept her attention on his back until he was out of sight, then she turned back to me. Her attention strayed south, and she stared straight at my crotch. I made no move to hide the fact that my cock was erect. Don’t think I could have if I tried. It was large and in charge for the moment. Lingering, she took my full measure before meeting my gaze. And when she did, it was hot.  

Ever so slowly, she rose to her feet. Silently, she walked to within a foot of me where I stood frozen in the doorway. Coyly, her gaze rose to mine. Her lovely eyes danced with enthusiasm. “Are you ready for me to help you with that bigjob now, Roger, sir?”  Her little pink tongue peeked out as she licked her lips.  

Raw heat made my skin prickle. Her hands rose to waist height, and for a moment I thought she was going to reach for my trousers before we’d even closed the door. But she kept moving, backing me into the room, and caught the door with her foot as soon as we’d cleared the threshold.  

The second we had some privacy, she palmed my cock, and using the heel of her hand she ran the length, finally curving her fingers around my tender balls. She gave them one firm squeeze before unfastening my trousers. By then I’d run out of room and butted up against the desk. I couldn’t think past her skilled hands and my own monstrous anticipation.  

“I’ve been hard for a solid hour now,” I said, but my voice wasn’t above a harsh whisper. I must have sounded angry. She looked up at me sharply but sank to her knees. 

“I can take care of that,” she murmured.

Blurb The NØ Frat Clause

Fresh out of college, Lexi Wideman lands an entry level job at a lucrative recruiting firm. Only six months into her tenure, she’s offered a major promotion—executive assistant to Roger Kent, the company’s coveted corporate headhunter. Older, irresistible, and ruggedly handsome, Roger Kent turns her into a liquid pool of need with just one smoldering glance. But the opportunity is just too good to pass up this early in her career. Lexi must find a way to remain professional while panting after her boss.

Roger Kent is thrown off guard when the company execs all of a sudden decide he needs an assistant. Perhaps he does, but Lexi Wideman is not the girl for him. She's smart, young, and gorgeous. It's hard enough trying to keep his eyes off her. Working in such close proximity, day after day, it would only be a matter of time before his hands followed.

Hope you enjoyed the snippet from The NØ Frat Clause. Hop on over to Kayla's for this week's master list of Masturbation Monday participants.

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  1. Welcome back to Masturbation Monday - you certainly know how to make an entrance. My mouth is watering over here! Among other parts. ;)