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Monday 13 March 2017

Week 132 #MasturbationMonday In the Flesh #lesfic

A snip from In the Flesh

Kate took several deep breaths and shook out her arms.

“Relax. I’ve got you.” The confidence reflected in Carly’s eyes made her nervousness shift to excitement. “You’re going to walk out there and remember what it’s like to be on stage. The rush, that burst of adrenaline. It’s addictive.” 

“Two minutes, ladies.” Tavis hurried past. “It’s a packed house.” 

“Oh, God!” Kate uttered. Carly turned Kate so her back was to her and began to massage her shoulders. As usual, Kate melted at her touch. Pins and needles shot all over her body when Carly grazed her lips up her neck. 

Carly paused near her ear. “Tonight I want all that passion you feel right now directed at me. You give me what I want out there and afterward I’ll give you what you need. What we both need.” 

Kate all but whimpered as the tiny dancer left her gasping. 

Before long, they stood center stage. The spotlight encircled them. Kate’s heart pounded in panic. 

“Watch me,” Carly whispered. The music started and the paso-tango-Carly went by in a blur of bright lights and fast-paced steps. 

At first, Kate was aware of her nerves and the audience, but as they responded raucously, she remembered what it was like to feed off the rousing excitement. But it was Carly who turned up the heat with the undulating hip action and intricate steps. The things she could do with her body were simply amazing and so incredibly sexy. It not only had the crowd panting after her, but Kate as well. 

Too soon the number was over. The last strains of music played as they faced each other, mouths inches apart, chests heaving. The overhead lights dimmed. 

A slow smile lit Carly’s face. “You did it, and you were spectacular.” 

“Was I?” She couldn’t remember a goddamn thing. 

Carly closed the space and pressed her lips to Kate’s. 

As if she weren’t dizzy enough from the performance high and endorphins pinging around her over-exerted body. For two days she’d resisted the overwhelming urge to take that plump, beautiful mouth and now it was all hers. 

Kate cupped Carly’s neck and slanted her head, deepening the kiss. To her utter delight, Carly not only opened her mouth, inviting her in, but molded her sweaty, heaving form to Kate’s. She slid her hands down to Kate’s bum and lifted, fitting their hard mounds together. The pressure felt wonderful. 

All of a sudden, Tavis was there. “Take it in the back, ladies. These animals are about to blow the lid off this place if you give them any more. They can still see you.” 

Reluctantly, Carly raised her head. She gave Tavis a scathing glare. “Your timing sucks, pretty boy.” 

Hand-in-hand, they ran through the corridor until they reached the studio. The second the door closed, Kate pressed Carly against it, picking up where they’d left off. But this time, they went at it as if starved. Lips and teeth mashed together, tongues tangling. Every nerve-ending Kate had tingled with need. 

Straining, she couldn’t seem to get close enough. Kate pressed her breasts against Carly’s, seeking the intimate contact she’d been craving. 

Carly reached down and cupped Kate’s cunt. With her palm against Kate’s mound, her fingers naturally curled between her legs. “Oh yes,” Kate gasped into Carly’s open mouth. Carly squeezed her overheated flesh, catch-and-release style, repeating the action over and over. 

“Oh, God, Carly, I’m going to come.” 

Carly’s hand became frenzied. She clamped down and swirled her fingers, bringing Kate to a quick, thundering orgasm. 

Kate pressed her legs together, trapping Carly. She placed her hand over Carly’s, flattening it out, putting pressure on her pelvic bone, keeping the sweet waves of ecstasy flowing. 

“Already?” Carly moaned, nipping at Kate’s open mouth as she panted for air. 

“You make me crazy.” Kate ducked her head and sucked Carly’s erect nipple through her damp T-shirt. 

“Ahhh!” She took hold of Kate’s head. 

Kate grazed the tight bud with her teeth, pleased when rewarded with another groan. 

“Keep that up and I’ll come, too,” Carly mumbled. 

That was exactly what Kate had in mind. With the tip of her tongue, Kate rapidly licked Carly. She whimpered and squirmed. “Lift your shirt.” Hastily they both pulled up the thin cotton. “You have beautiful tits.” 

“Not too small?” It was the first thing she’d ever said that made Kate wonder if she was really as confident as she tried to project. 

“No, they’re a perfect handful. Any more’s a waste.” Kate cupped both, plumping and squeezing. 

Carly’s eyes fluttered and she sagged against the door as Kate lowered her head and greedily sucked one pebbled nipple, then the other. She sampled the erect nubs in turn, finally settling on the more sensitive side. 

“You like it better over here,” Kate said, barely lifting her mouth from the sweet peak. 

A strangled cry was the only answer. 

With the flat of her tongue, she licked slowly, upping the tempo by gradual degrees until she feathered the engorged nub relentlessly. It was the same rhythmic torture she planned to use when she eventually had the pleasure of laving her clit. As best she could with her fingers, she imitated the rapid caress on the opposite breast. 

“Ahhh, fu...ahhh,” Carly keened, her fingernails scraping Kate’s scalp. All of a sudden, her hips bucked and she quivered. She stifled a scream, making Kate’s inner muscles clench too. 

Kate tried to hold her as she came. Carly’s body stiffened. She arched her back into the door, rocking her pelvis against Kate. 

A sudden knock made them jump. 


“Fuck, Tavis, not now.” She looked down at Kate, where she’d paused, her wet lips still inches from her heaving breast. She stroked Kate’s jaw, urging her return. It didn’t take much convincing. Kate fluttered her tongue repeatedly, gently teasing the delicious nub. 

“We need to escort you ladies out. Now.” 

Carly let out a curse and grasped the back of Kate’s head, as if seeking one last lashing. Desperate not to disappoint, Kate sucked her nipple, drawing back slightly. 

“I want so much more of that.” Unfortunately, Carly straightened, disengaging from Kate’s mouth with a soft pop. 

“Let’s get outta here.” 

Haphazardly, Carly shoved things into her bag. Kate collected her own carryall then turned back. The other woman’s hungry gaze raked over her damp T-shirt before she opened the door.

In the hall, Tavis waited with several of the security. Mike was there, too. 

“Come on.” Kate took her outstretched hand. The detail closed in and rushed them to a limousine out back.

Hope you enjoyed the snip from In the Flesh. Hop on over to Masturbation Monday central for this week's master list of MM participants. 

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