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Friday 22 December 2017

Holiday Sale—10 Stories of temptation, romance, & blasphemy – for only #99cents Sacred & Profane Anthology: Priest Erotic Romance ~ Various Authors

Sacred & Profane: Priest Erotic Romance

edited by Torrance Sené


Ten stories of temptation, romance, and blasphemy featuring Sonni de Soto, Piper Denna, Torrance Sené, Charlotte French, Bronwyn Green, Leandra Vane, Mira Stanley, Jordan Monroe, H K Carlton, and Jillian Boyd.

Not even men of the cloth are exempt from God’s greatest gift: Love. In Sacred and Profane: Priest Erotic Romance, you’ll find stories of clergymen stepping outside their vows, pastors weaving divinity into their seductions, nuns and parishioners confessing to their body’s every earthly desire, and more.

Are you aroused by the blasphemous dance of sex and religion? The dangerous edge of eroticism contained within submission to something beyond oneself? The taboo juxtaposition of holy and sensual? Then Sacred and Profane welcomes you.

99¢ for the month of December 2017

(original price $3.99)

250 pages. Published 17 January 2017 by Sexy Little Pages

Named a Top Pick by The Romance Reviews

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Here's a snippet from my story, Sin Bin...

As he made his way to his office he'd no idea what to expect. This might be the end of everything.

Daunté took a deep breath before he entered.

The sight he beheld made him gasp.

Camillah was draped over his chair with her skirt rucked up, her exquisitely toned ass, bared, much as he'd commanded her to do at the club. Beside her, on the floor she'd placed a wooden switch, a throwback from Father Eton’s tenure.

Resisting, Daunté fisted his hands. But the urge to cane her, even once so he could watch the deep red welt develop on her pale skin, was almost overwhelming.

Of all the times he'd fantasized about her, he'd never allowed his dirty mind to envision quite this. To have her half-naked and vulnerable, at this mercy inside the church was the most wickedly arousing scene he ever could have imagined.

Though it was one of the most difficult things he'd ever done, he bent to help her rise. "This is not the place." But Lord have mercy on his rotten soul, he wanted it to be.

She snatched her arm from his grasp.

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned." Her voice was muffled as she faced away from him.

Daunté caught his lower lip between this teeth to keep from moaning.

“Is this what you want, Father Sin?” she raged, through gritted teeth. “To punish me? To humiliate me over and over again? Is that how you get off?”

She made no attempt to stand but instead kneed her way around so she could face him. She leaned forward and placed her forehead against his body. The hardest part, at that very moment. There was no hiding it, he was intensely aroused.

She gripped the hem of his robe and parted it.

He knew he should stop her, but he didn't have the willpower. He wanted this. Here. Now.

As if in a trance she rubbed her forehead, her cheeks and her lips over his hardness.

Reaching up she undid his button and fly, then dragged his trousers and boxers to his ankles. His dick bobbed between them.

With cool fingers she took hold of him and pulled his straining cock downward, inches from her mouth. 

Daunté tensed, almost dancing from foot-to-foot in anticipation.

Camillah's breath fanned his hot flesh. Her lips hovered. It was then that she looked up at him.

The naked desire in her eyes made his knees weak.

"Let me worship you,” she whispered.

He groaned and laced his hands into her hair, granting silent permission. 

Reverently, she bowed her head and kissed the throbbing tip.

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