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Friday 17 July 2020

#FlashbackFriday Enjoy this snip from #erotic romp Xmas Spouse Swap #ChristmasinJuly

Meet the twins who take share and share alike to a whole new level...
Xmas Spouse Swap 

“So it’s finally happened to you, too. Your little routine has turned blah. You wanna spice things up a little. Just like I do.” 

“Not like that, I don’t.” 

“You can’t keep your eyes off of my husband, Iris. I’m not blind. And that blush when you and Kyle first arrived, I mean, come on.” 

“My cheeks were merely rosy from the cold,” Iris lied. 


“Are we going to decorate that poor tree over there, or what, ladies?” Kyle asked when the wood in the fireplace finally lit. 

“Absolutely, you guys get started,” Siri said. 

“Oh, I get it, this is going to be like last year, and you’ll both sit back here, drink wine and ogle the man-candy? I see. It’s cool. Some guys would find it demeaning.” Kyle lifted up his t-shirt and flashed them his abs. “I, for one, have zero hang-ups about the former Beaulieu sisters seeing me as nothing more than a piece of meat. Prime rib, right here, ladies.” 

“You call that prime?” Brett snorted. “More like ground round. Now, this... this is Grade A!” The generally more reserved man shocked the shit out of Iris by raising the hem of his cream-colored fishermen’s sweater giving them a little tease of the hidden six-pack beneath.

Spontaneously, Iris gasped. Brett’s gaze flew to hers. 

Shit! Had she made that noise out loud? For the second time, her cheeks flamed with heat. 

Quickly, Iris averted her attention but made the mistake of making eye contact with her sister, who let out an evil chuckle if she’d ever heard one. 

“Interested now, sista-mine?” Siri said in a low voice only loud enough for Iris to hear. 

The guys started to unpack the Christmas boxes. 

All smug-like, Siri sat back and swirled the wine around the bottom of her glass as she observed the two formidable men. 

“Mmm, your husband is fine!” Siri said shamelessly as she raked her hot gaze over Kyle’s form. 

My husband is fine?” Iris blurted. “Dear God, how does Brett hide all of that under his three-piece suits?” 

“Hide all what?” Siri teased. 

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Iris said, in a flat tone. 

Siri responded with another throaty laugh. “You know you could experience all of that and more if we swapped. He’s got the finest glutes.” 

“Kyle enjoys squat day, too.” Iris found herself comparing each man’s backside. 

“Mmm hmm, I can see that.” Siri made a cupping gesture. “Nice. Hard.” 

Brett hefted yet another storage box, and his shirt pulled tight over his arms, showcasing his broad shoulders. 

Iris sighed. “Bulging biceps.” There was no denying they were both incredibly good-looking, yet very different men. Kyle was tall, blond, all-American, and though muscularly built, on the lanky side—at least compared to Brett, who was at least six foot three, yet broad across the shoulders and powerfully built, all over. He loved to work out. It was something else he and Iris had in common. 

“You know what I want?” For a moment, Siri clicked a highly manicured nail against her beautiful straight front teeth. “I want to recapture what it’s like at the beginning of a relationship, you know, when you’re with somebody new? Sometimes when Brett and I have been out for the night, when we get home, I tell him to kiss me, like it was our first date. Like we’ve never kissed. Never touched. It’s so hot. I want to experience all those delicious firsts. First date, first kiss, the first time he makes your eyes roll back in your head.” 

“Yes, those are all incredible things, but it’s like that for everybody, Siri. All that initial deliciousness, as you call it, dies down. It can’t be helped. We simply need to find a way to keep things fresh.” 

“That’s what I’m talking about. We can do that if we switch.” 

“Yeah, sure.” Iris scoffed, until she realized Siri was dead serious. “No. No. And no.” 

“Oh, you’re a party-pooper, too. You and Brett deserve one another.” 

“Excuse me, but you’re talking about doing all those firsts again, with my husband.” 

“And offering mine in return. Besides, we’ve faked out boyfriends before,” Siri continued. 

“But we never slept with the same guys. Just took each other’s places occasionally. At least I never had sex with them.” 

“Well, neither did I,” Siri shot back, defensively. 

Damn it. Why had her sordid thoughts gone straight to sex? 

“Geezus, Iris, the last time we switched places was before Mom and Dad split, and we were still into hand-holding and school dances. Besides, I wasn’t suggesting sex.” She paused. 

Iris got the distinct impression there was a yet dangling at the end of that sentence. 

“What if we just swap personas and maybe do some dirty dancing with each other’s husband? Kind of like we did last year. A little rubbing up against a new body for a change, isn’t that what you called it? Then we’ll swap back.” Siri practically bristled at Iris’ side. “No one gets hurt. You and I get a little hot and bothered, and in the end, Brett and Kyle still win, ‘cause our rightful husbands will be the recipients of all our pent-up hormones running amuck. Again, just like last year. Tell me you didn’t have phenomenal sex after.” 

She couldn’t dispute that. It’d been fantastic. 

They sat back and pondered their men again. 

“I don’t see them buying it, Sear.” Iris shook her head. 

“We’ll keep them drinking. What if they’re half in the bag?” Siri suggested. 

“Or well inside the bag,” Iris said, deadpan. 

“If they call us out, we’ll blame it on the booze. We’ll excuse ourselves and swap back.” 

“And if I think Brett is catching on, I’ll give you the signal.” 

“And I’ll do the same if Kyle gets wise. Or if we really eff things up, we’ll make it seem like a big joke.” 

Siri crooked her pinkie finger. 

After a moment’s hesitation, Iris wrapped her little finger around her sister’s. 

God help her, the prospect of getting up close and personal with Brett was too good to pass up, especially when she had her twin’s permission to do so. 

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