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Wednesday 8 February 2023

Release Blitz: Swingers Light Up Vegas - by Adriana Kraft @AdrianaKraft #LaterInLife #EroticRomance #ShortStory

Out Now! 
Swingers Light Up Vegas
Adriana Kraft 

Book Information:

Swingers Light Up Vegas


Adriana Kraft

Release Date: January 30, 2023

Length: 5,500 words

 Short Story, Erotic Romance, Swing Lifestyle, Later in Life, LGBTQ, Ménage

What happens in Vegas… 

Swingers Dan and Ginger head to Las Vegas to celebrate Ginger’s fiftieth birthday. Through their friends back home, they’ve scored a free week at a posh Vegas resort condominium. They fill their days with every iconic Las Vegas experience they can dream up. But by night? They’re determined not to leave Vegas without sampling what it has to offer in the erotically charged swing lifestyle. A Vegas swing club beckons – will it live up to their fantasies?

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What’s your most exciting sexual fantasy?

Okay, maybe you’re not gonna say – but think about it for a moment. What makes it exciting? Is it something you’re convinced you’ll never have an opportunity to realize? (i.e., impossible, for you). Or is it something you could do, but it’s taboo – frowned upon, forbidden, a trip to the dark side, highly disapproved of.

If you selected “forbidden,” then our just-released short story providing a virtual visit to a Las Vegas swing club may be exactly what you’re looking for. Most of the general public (anywhere between fifty and sixty percent) highly disapproves of any non-monogamous sex.

We’re not saying anyone should or shouldn’t participate in the swing lifestyle – but we are saying that all of us are free to fantasize about whatever turns us on, and that’s what we like to write about. All of the fifty novels and novellas we’ve published feature explicit sex scenes – scenes we hope feed your fantasies. It turns out that over three fourths of our books feature multiple partners of one type or another – threesomes, foursomes, swinging, polyamory. Tantalizing? We hope! Forbidden? By many, yes – but all the more exciting for that reason.

We wrote Swingers Light Up Vegas to offer a taste of the forbidden fruit to be found in the swing lifestyle. Our fictional swingers are pretty typical – many women who swing are bisexual and view swinging as a safe, discreet place to connect with other women. The fact that it can be a turn-on for their spouses only increases the eroticism.

We hope this brief taste will bring you back for more!

Déjà vu, all over again.

Ginger wasn’t sure if the thought was part of her dream or part of her waking up, but it made her smile. Her full-body stretch confirmed she had some aching muscles—not really sore, but a soft ache that brought back steamy memories. What a night!

She finally opened her eyes to the sight of Dan holding out a hot mug of coffee. If the scent had awakened her, she had no memory trace.

Dan settled in next to her on the bed, a broad smile on his face that she knew mirrored her own. “What a treat,” she said, “to watch you with Lai last night. She sure is a cracker jack. High energy—wonder if she’s insatiable.”

“Pretty close, I’d say. I’m so glad they want another round before we leave. If we do decide to buy a condo here, it looks like the swinging scene is pretty promising. And you’ve gotta know how much I loved watching you and Lai together. You two were so in sync.”

“I do know.” Ginger snuggled a bit closer and clasped Dan’s free hand with her own. “When we started this adventure, it was mostly so I could act on the bi identity I’d finally become aware of. I had no clue how much watching me with another woman would be a turn-on for you, too.”


Adriana Kraft is the pen name for a married pair of retired professors writing erotic romance and erotic romantic suspense together. We like to think we’ve broken the mold for staid, fusty academics, and we hope lots of former profs are enjoying life as much as we are. We believe that love is love is love, and we often feature bisexual women and ménage in our erotic romance stories. Together we have published more than fifty erotic romance novels and novellas to outstanding reviews.

During our academic careers, we lived in many states across the Midwest. We love to travel, so when we retired, we sold our house and took off in our motor home across the country. We now make our home in southern Arizona, where we enjoy hiking, golf, and travel, especially to the many Arizona Native American historical sites.

We’ve featured the swing lifestyle in a number of our erotic romance stories. We penned this short story to give readers a quick taste of swinging – erotically charged, always, and a safe place for bisexual women to express the full range of their sexuality. We’ve written an entire series of novellas set in the lifestyle, entitled Swinging Games. We hope you’ll check them out! And as always, reviews are the lifeblood of romance authors, so we hope you’ll leave one for us.

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