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Monday 12 November 2012

Cover Reveal ~ Lost Time

New cover art for Lost Time coming February 2013 from Total E-Bound

Cover Art by Oliver Bennett
This is the prefect cover for Lost Time, with the portrait in the background and the Scottish Castle. Hannah and Lock's tattoos are amazing. I especially love the maple leaf on Hannah's wrist! 

Release dates for Lost Time
Pre-order: 14th January 2013 for VIP Members @Total-E-Bound
Pre-release on the Total-E-Bound site: 28th January 2013
General Release: 25th February 2013


  1. I really love the cover H K it's beautiful, yes I agree the tattoos are nice so is the castle. Look forward to reading Lost Time, the blurb makes me want more :D. I wonder if I should save it for when I'm in Scotland next year?

  2. Thanks, Donna. I love it. I'm so beyond pleased! It's absolutely perfect for the story and the mood. I didn't think they could top Mike's amazing ass but they did. (haha) But they are very different stories.

    And I am seriously so jealous of your trip to Scotland. A wedding, in a castle... sigh!

    I saw the cover of Laura's Light yesterday. Wow! I love the Mandy's He-man cover but now I'm not sure which hottie I like more. Trevor or JT, and then there's Brodie... :P