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Saturday 27 July 2013

You Found Me #MySexySaturday

This Week My Sexy Saturday belongs to Rose and Niall from my historical romance You Found Me


Injured, lost and alone, what more could a girl ask for than to be rescued by a roguish Scottish Laird and a proper English Duke?

Marcus Sunderland, reared in England, groomed from birth to be the Duke of Carlton, is everything a proper English gentleman should be. Unwaveringly loyal to his liege and childhood playmate Queen Elnor, devoted to his people and his country.

Laird Niall Lummisden of Clan Logan in Lomond, Scotland, is everything a roguish Scottish Laird should be. Dedicated to his clan. Friendly, easygoing, born with confident swagger, he is the complete antithesis to his English half-brother Marcus.

As the brothers travel to a royal engagement they discover a woman left for dead in the road, beaten beyond recognition. It is decreed by his Queen that Marcus must take the stranger back to his estate to recover from her injuries. The unidentified woman not only survives the vicious attack but, as she begins to heal and communicate, struggling to recall her life before they found her, both men are intrigued and attracted to her.

The Duke and the Laird have survived a lifetime of cultural and political
differences, but can the brothers survive her?


That day she could not seem to keep her eyes from straying to Niall. It was like looking at him with new eyes.

She sat outside watching him chop wood. Her new plaid was so warm she sat surrounded by snow to watch him. The way Niall had wrapped it around left enough material to fashion a hood, but she found herself so overheated that she pushed it from her head. She wondered if it was the plaid or watching him work that was keeping her so warm.

Niall swung his axe and captured her attention again. The muscles in his shoulders bunched and strained against the thin layer of his shirt as he brought the axe down. He stopped to wipe his brow, working up a sweat even in the cold, his breath coming out in white clouds. He leaned the axe against the stump and proceeded to remove his shirt.

In all the months they had been together she had never seen him without his shirt. She knew he was well built by the feel of him, but now, with nothing to obscure the view, Rose drank him in.

Niall took the axe back into his hands, planting his well-muscled legs wide. He swung the blade in one graceful, powerful motion, his biceps bulging and straining as the blade hurtled toward the stump, sending pieces of bark flying.

Niall took a deep breath as he wound up for another blow, his thick powerful chest flexing as the veins in his neck corded with exertion, his abdomen rippling as he moved.

Rose noticed and followed the fading tan line around his waistband that disappeared into his snug-fitting trews. Her mouth went dry as she continued to watch him work.

I hope you enjoyed this steamy snippet from You Found Me. Continue hopping and sample excerpts from the fantastic authors in the list below.
Have a Sexy Saturday!


  1. Very nice visual. Well, more like luscious. :-) Nothing like a hard working man.

  2. You're so right MJ, nothing better than a hard working man. :D
    Thanks for stopping.

  3. Very sexy visual. Something about watching a man's muscles work, is just yummy.

  4. Mmmmm. Niall. Sigh. Your men are all so deliciously manly and sexy. Love it!