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Saturday 7 September 2013

#MySexySaturday - If You Can't Stand The Heat

Here's another little tease from my upcoming contemporary m/f erotic romance If You Can't Stand The Heat just because it hit the Coming Soon page over at Total-E-Bound this week. :D
(If you'd like to read the other excerpt shared click) HERE It's a hot one!) 


Somebody’s about to get burnt…

An unlikely couple is brought together as celebrity judges on a new cooking show—Sesto Théodore, an American-Italian New York chef, and Syn Fully, a world-weary author of erotica. It’s instantly clear that they are complete opposites and their personalities clash, but physically, sparks fly and passion ignites.

However, after a video with some rather personal content surfaces on the Internet, Sesto immediately jumps to conclusions and accuses Syn of the breach.

Can the arrogant chef forgive and forget, or will his pride leave him out in the cold?

Reader Advisory: This book includes an occurrence of mild bondage and a scene of slightly dubious consent, as well as covert sexual contact in close proximity to bystanders. There is also reference to stalking and non-consensual taking of videos and photography and the dubious consensual use of restraints


Was she for real? 

Shadowing her back to the table, and being the gentleman that he was he pulled the chair out for her. Moving forward as if she were about to take her seat, he followed to push the stool in, but she hesitated. The momentum he carried propelled his hips against her backside. She would have no doubt as to his state of arousal. 

Stilling at first contact, she then pressed her magnificent ass fully against him. He was sure the move was contrived. But if she wanted to play, he could too. Taking her by the waist, increasing the pressure, Sesto gave her his full measure, from root to tip. She turned her head to the side, her lips parted, almost touching his cheek. 

“Ahhh,” she breathed, smiling. “That’s my boy.” 

Gritting his teeth, Sesto attempted to match her tone. “Think you can handle that tool?”

“Oh, I know I could. Every last solid inch of it. The question is, do you know how to use it.”

“Only one way to find out.”
 ©Copyright HK Carlton 2013

Preorder: 20th September 2013
Prerelease: 4th October 2013
General Release: 1st November 2013

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Have a Sexy Saturday! 


  1. I can't wait to read this! I love reality tv and opposites attract is one of my fav tropes. Congrats!

    1. Hi Noelle, thanks and Congratulations right back at ya! You are one busy author these days.

  2. Great snippet - I love when a female character can dish it right back. Feisty lady - I'll be she's going to get what she wants.

    1. Hi Adriana, its fun to write feisty characters, don't you think? :)
      Thanks for stopping.

  3. Magnificent ass fully against him- LOL Love it.
    I tried to find a follow button on your blog but di9dn't see one or else I'd follow you.
    My Blog

    1. Hi Decadent, I'm glad you liked the snippet. I enjoyed yours too. Congratulations on your upcoming December release.
      I'll try and figure out how to add a follow button. Thanks so much for the interest.

  4. Sounds like a fun premise and it'll be great to see how you handle it.

    1. Hi Donald, This was a fun one to write even with the underlying heavier issues. But the clash of Sesto and Syn's personalities was a blast.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What an exuberating little snippet HK. I could just feel the sizzle when she said "That's my boy"
    This is a woman who knows what she wants, I like her already.

    1. Thanks LA. Syn is definitely one of a kind.
      Thanks for popping over.

  6. Sizzling! This is a wow if I've ever seen one. I just love the conversation and can't wait to see just how it plays out. Thanks for sharing your amazing snippet!

    1. Thanks for stopping Lynn. I am enjoying My Sexy Saturday and all you put into it. Thank you.