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Wednesday 1 October 2014

NEW from @JustineElyot Her World of Submission #BDSM #erotic #romance

Today, I'm delighted to welcome multi-published author
Justine Elyot...
Never Can Say Goodbye

Hello, and thank you to the fabulous H K for hosting me today to talk about my new novella, Her World of Submission.

This is the third instalment of a trilogy, following the new relationship of dominant film director, Jasper Jay, and his new flame, historical researcher, Sarah Wells. Placing that final full stop on the final sentence was a poignant moment because I've spent a lot of time with Jasper and Sarah and a part of me would quite like to know what's going to happen to them next. But I suppose I should quit while I'm ahead – or rather, not completely behind. So it's farewell, Jasper and Sarah. We've had such times together.

We've had bonfires, sex tapes, outdoor bondage, lakeside picnics, dinners in fancy restaurants, corset fittings, awkward meetings with parents, strange fetishistic practices involving snow, drunken evenings, sex in museums and so much more. And I haven't even mentioned all the spanking yet.

So, if any of that appeals to you, you might want to start the trilogy at book one, with His House of Submission and move on to the next chapter, By His Command.
Not sure yet? Try a taster:

I dressed for breakfast for the first time in three days, rather begrudging the exercise. I had become used to serving, or being served with, raisin toast and hot chocolate in bed. Whichever one of us had gone down to the kitchen would be wearing nothing but an apron. The other, still in bed, starkers.

But this morning we were back in training to rejoin The World.

Or rather, The World was joining us, in the shape of Rosie, Dimitri and the other one whose name I could never remember.

'What time are they getting here?' I asked, fixing the little collar he had bought me last month around my neck.

He saw me and came to stand at my shoulder, stroking the soft skin underneath it.

'Wearing your collar, eh?' he said, clearly chuffed.

'Of course. I always do, except when you want me to take it off.'

'I didn't order you to put it back on.'

'No, I know, but I like wearing it. And since we're going to be in the company of like-minded people…'

He kissed my shoulder.

'I'm touched, love. You're out and you're proud. That means a lot to me.'

I raised my lips to his for a kiss.

'I know.'

He broke off and checked his watch.

'To be honest, I'm not sure when they're getting here,' he said. 'I suppose about lunchtime? But maybe earlier, maybe later. Are you OK to stay in this morning? The grocery delivery is due and I need to go out with the groundsman and discuss a few things.'

'Oh, yes, fine. I wasn't planning anything.'

Once dressed and breakfasted, I went to sit in the morning room to do some work on an article I wanted to submit to a history journal. I could see Jasper at the back of the house, trudging across the yard with his new groundsman. The pair of them wore Barbour jackets and tweed caps and their breath steamed out ahead of them as they walked.

I thought for a moment of Will, the old groundsman, and wondered what he was up to these days. Hopefully not blackmail. His last attempt must have shown him it wasn't really his speciality.

Jasper and the groundsman disappeared from view and I turned my attention back to the heyday of Spode.

When the bell jangled, I assumed it was the Ocado man, and I sauntered to the door without urgency. I was not prepared for the three people I saw on the doorstep, looking nothing like delivery persons.

'Oh,' I said, caught out. Then I squealed, 'Rosie!' and we leapt upon each other.

'Sorry,' I flustered, remembering myself. 'Do come in. You must be…'

The man introducing himself as Dimitri was an interesting-looking dude. Not at all what I would have picked out for Rosie, who had always gone for rugby types at university. He was more the sort I'd have been into – boho. Almost too boho.

I had an overwhelming sensory impression of height and exuberance and lots of rattly bangly stuff and a fascinating moustache. He crushed me into an unexpectedly tight embrace and I had a moment of mild panic that I wouldn't be able to get out of it. But he let me go and I caught my breath and laughed and said, 'Aha, yeah, pleased to meet you.'

'You are Rosie's friend, yes?'

'Yes, gosh, sorry, I'm Sarah.'

I was quite discombobulated. Rosie looked rather amused by the effect her new squeeze had had on me.

'Don't mind Dimitri,' drawled the blonde standing a little way behind him. 'He makes quite a first impression, doesn't he? I'm Tina, but everyone calls me Trixietots.'

Tina, that was it. My body double. I found myself giving her a covert once over as we shook hands, especially around the hips and thighs.

Yes, a good match.

'I hope you're not hungry,' I said, looking out over the driveway for signs of Mr Ocado. 'We haven't had our grocery delivery yet. Expecting it any minute. But I can do you teas and coffees.'

There was a general murmuring of 'coffee/tea would be great' and we drifted towards the kitchen, Dimitri jingling as he moved.

'You live here?' said Rosie, gazing around her at the lobby, with its precious treasures.

'Well, I still think of it as Jasper's place. I moved in a few weeks ago but I'm not used to calling it my home yet, to be honest.'

'One day we live in a place like this, Rosie, what do you think?' said Dimitri.

She squealed a little, and I think he had pinched her bum, though I didn't see for certain.

'Yeah, once you get the call from Hollywood,' she said.

'Well, you almost have,' I said, grinning. 'You're going to be in a Jasper Jay film.'

'He's such a wonderful film-maker,' enthused Trixietots. 'Oh my God, what a fabulous kitchen. I have kitchen envy. Mine is twenty years old and the cupboard doors are hanging off the hinges. I tell you what, why don't we all move in permanently?'

She laughed and we all joined in, but my hackles rose a little. Probably just in mourning for our lovely secluded lifestyle. It really seemed odd to be inviting other people into our sanctuary.

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