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Saturday 14 February 2015

#CoverReveal MEMORIES OF US — When the present and the past collide... #eroticrom

I'm thrilled to unveil the cover of my latest release with Evernight Publishing
Memories of Us
available February 18th 
Meet Karis and Call
Thank you Jay Aheer!

 When the present and the past collide… 

Call Barstow spent the better part of his teenage years fighting off the sexual advances of Karis Hirt. Gorgeous, wild, promiscuous, and his best friend, Trey’s little sister, to boot. This in the teenage boy vernacular is referred to as pure unadulterated hell! 

Determined to keep his friends from his sister, Trey swears all his buddies to a hands-off-the-sister pact, which Call takes very seriously. Call’s pledge is only made more torturous when the sensual little vixen, Karis, is determined to make him break his vow. But his constant rejection only drives her to rebel, leaving her reputation in tatters. 

Years later, Karis resurfaces in Call's life—a subdued version of the wild child he remembers. Suddenly the pact doesn’t seem important anymore, nor does her spotty reputation. As Call begins to reconcile the past-and-present Karis, he is inundated with memories of her and soon finds himself head over heels, with the girl who consumed his youth. 

Can Call not only forget but overlook her shadowed sexual history for a bright new future? Or will Karis’ wild past only lead to their eventual ruin?

Watch for it February 18th!

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