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Sunday 21 June 2015

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWriWa #8Sunday Snippet 4 from mild #BDSM Next Weekend #erotic

When we left our soon to be exes, Jordan had just commanded Miranda to lift her skirt. Hope you enjoy another snippet from mild BDSM, erotic Next Weekend 
— A couple in the midst of divorce proceedings discover something new, but is it too little too late? 

“It’s too tight, Jordie. Can I just take it off?”
“May I,” he corrected.
“May I, take it off,” she repeated.
Inwardly, he grinned
, while concentrating on her baring her thighs. Could it possibly be this easy?
“Do that,” he permitted.
She stood, unzipped, and the wrap fell away.

 Hope you enjoyed the tease. 

Next Weekend – mild BDSM, erotic, contemporary, Romance on the Go 

Here's the blurb:

Miranda and Jordan Lang cordially invite you to their divorce...

Jordie is not completely surprised when Miranda suggests they separate. Their marriage had been deteriorating from the moment they took their vows. Although heartbroken things didn’t work out with the woman he expected to spend the rest of his life with, he doesn’t contest her decision. 
The only thing holding up the final divorce decree is the sale of their get-away cabin. In a weak moment, Miranda heads there for the weekend knowing full well that Jordie will also be there. Accidentally—on purpose, she seduces him and leaves an open invitation for another naughty weekender. 
But the next time they meet, Jordie’s anger over the entire situation has kicked in and he finds himself being rough and commanding with her. And even more surprising, his ex likes it. 
Follow Jordie as he finds and embraces his dominant side and Miranda her submissive self.  Will it be enough to save their doomed relationship or will the issues that drove them apart remain more than they can overcome?

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  1. Well, of course it's that easy, when it's what they both want.... :-D