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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Blog Tour and #Giveaway Alpha Four Series by @MiaDymond #military #romance

Alpha Four Series
by Mia Dymond

Treasure Me (Alpha Four, Book 1):
Reputable fine art broker Sophie Graystone has a knack for acquiring one-of-a-kind artifacts. A seasoned professional, she marches to the beat of her own drum and takes direction from no one.

Lt. Dagan “Rebel” Caldwell, ex-Army Ranger and investigator for Alpha Four, is driven by an iron will to succeed and is talented in the ability to convince others to conform. He soon learns that he has met his match in one certain female. 

Assigned to investigate several attempted thefts of Sophie’s paintings, Rebel’s skill and talent are sorely tested when Sophie challenges him at every turn, aggravating and arousing him in the process. Desperate to get his man, Rebel uses her rebellion as a secret weapon, hoping to win her heart in the process.


At the sound of the voice behind her, Sophie gasped and spun around, her free fist raised and ready to put up a fight, even more shocked at the sight of Rebel standing directly in her line of vision. In the heat of the moment, she wasn’t sure if it was paranoia or extreme fear – not that it mattered which one – but one or the other amped up her adrenaline and pretty much dictated her response. Without warning, her fist connected with his brick wall of a chest.

Not one word left his lips and he stood stoic, obviously not bothered in the least by her attack. Probably because her fist bounced off like a rubber ball. His lips curved into a smirk.

“Easy there, tiger.”

Ignoring his smooth, rich response and thigh-tightening smirk, she stood on her tiptoes, wrapped both hands around his equally-muscled shoulders, and shook him. Never mind that she couldn’t move the mountain in front of her.

“You scared me to death!”

With little effort, he peeled her fingers from his muscle, placed a hand to the small of her back and then led her to an annoying familiar vehicle parked at the curb; so much for avoiding a bodyguard. As if he’d done it a thousand times before, he opened the passenger door and then gestured at the seat.


Although still somewhat shocked by the whole ordeal, she managed to find a tiny bit of resistance. She planted her feet on the curb and raised an eyebrow.

For a few seconds, they both stood stoic, engaged in a silent battle of wills. She had no idea just how stubborn he could be, but she knew her own stamina and had no intention of giving in.

“Get in the car, Sophie.”

Still, she stood immobile, her eyes narrowed, determined to wait him out. For several seconds, they simply stared at each other, gazes locked, each issuing a silent dare. Sophie didn’t care if her eyes caught fire, she would win this showdown. Finally, he released a hard breath.


She gave him what she intended to be a cheeky smile and entered the vehicle. He shook his head, closed the door, and then entered the driver’s side several seconds later.

“Are you always this difficult?”


He chuckled as he drove away from the curb and into traffic. “Where were you headed?”

“To my studio.”

“Normally, the tail needs that information.”

She shrugged. “Normally.”

“Good thing I was up early.”


“You wish. I knew you wouldn’t follow instructions.”

“Really? What gave you that impression?”

“Your father didn’t tell you much about me, did he?”


“Good thing.”


“If the Senator had told you even half of what he knows about me, you wouldn’t have gotten in the truck.”

She swallowed hard – not out of fear like she probably should have, but to keep the twenty or so questions from escaping out of sheer intrigue. Apparently this man had deep dark secrets – ones she wanted very much for him to expose.

“That still doesn’t explain how you claim to have known I wouldn’t follow instructions.”

He moved his head toward the rearview mirror and then turned it to the front windshield. “I was an Army Ranger, a tracker to be exact. I’m trained to read people.” He turned and grinned. “I knew what you planned before you did.”

“Is that so?”

He simply nodded without hesitation, confidence oozing from every pore in his body. Oddly, the arrogance didn’t offend her. Instead, her mouth watered and her breasts tightened to the extent that she was sure her nipples might poke a hole in her blouse. She dabbed the corners of her mouth with her tongue. No sense letting him see her slobber all over him like a rabid dog.

“Okay then, O wise one, what do you suppose I’ll do next?”

He released another of those knee-weakening smirks and suddenly she wanted to kiss it off his face. Press her lips against his and nibble her way all around them until she literally swallowed him whole. As strong as she knew this man to be, there was absolutely no doubt in her mind that his kisses would be hard and dominating. In an attempt at self-control, she folded her arms across her chest and attempted to appear smug.

In what she dubbed an I’m-so-smooth manner, he changed lanes and then parked the vehicle next to a curb. “Now you’ll go inside your studio and explain to your assistant – Robert, if I remember correctly – why Mrs. Vanderbuilt’s painting wasn’t returned to your studio last night as planned.”

She turned and glanced out the passenger window at the scripted lettering on the building there. Treasure Me. Okay so he was exactly right.

She turned and raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you coming along?”

“I was under the impression you didn’t want a bodyguard.”

“I don’t.” She reached for the door handle and pulled, annoyed when the door wouldn’t budge.

When she lifted her gaze to his and frowned, he snickered and then the click of the locks sounded in the silence.

“Five minutes,” he said.

She opened the door, stepped out and then glanced back at him. “Ten,” she said as she slammed the door on any further response.

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Tame Me (Alpha Four, Book 2)


Relaxed, laid-back spa owner Kat Abbott isn't immune to confrontation - being the daughter of a federal judge has taught her not to cower in the face of challenge. 

Former Army Ranger, demolitions expert, and member of Alpha Four, Jace "Chaos" Taylor has made it his life's mission to obliterate evil, despite being haunted by shadows of the past. 

Thrown together by a madman's vengeance, Kat and Chaos find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Both accustomed to calling the shots, their relationship is complicated, to say the least. Yet, when evil takes the upper hand, the couple must overcome obstacles that threaten to separate them forever.


Thankful to be home under lock and key, Kat braced herself on one hip against the doorway to the kitchen and fought the urge to drool. Chaos stood at the stove, his jeans settled on his perfectly–sculpted hipbones and his light blue, crisp, cotton shirt draped over his lean torso, the sleeves cuffed and resting just above his elbows. Unbuttoned to the fourth button – not that she was counting – that lucky, lucky shirt rubbed his tanned, muscled abdomen with his every movement.

As if his body was not already stimulating enough, he was cooking.

Luckily, her clients had kept her busy all day at the spa. Otherwise she just might have locked the door and had her wicked way with the wild stallion. When they returned to her home approximately an hour ago, she’d made a mad dash for the shower. Space was the best thing for them right now, but she knew that was relatively impossible. Not with an unknown maniac on the loose.

She gave a soft sigh. The man didn’t have an imperfection anywhere on his body. And, although she didn’t know him all that well, she had discovered he was a little softer under his armor than he would admit.


At the sound of his low, husky voice, she regretfully moved her gaze from his enticing body into his mysterious green eyes, and intercepted a look of what she interpreted as amusement.

“Starving,” she answered truthfully. “What did you find to cook?”

“I managed to scrounge enough for an omelet and bacon.”

Her mouth watered and she didn’t know for sure if the cause was his body or the smell of the food.

“Smells wonderful.”

She pushed herself off the wall and stepped into the kitchen just as he turned away from the stove to face her. Her heart flip–flopped in her chest and she grabbed the back of her kitchen chair to keep from reaching for him.

He took two steps forward and then stopped. “Come here, Kat.”


“You know why.”

“No, I don’t.”

He stepped in front of the chair and reached to loosen her left hand’s hold. As soon as he freed her fingers, he urged her forward until she stood directly in front of him.

He tipped her chin with his free hand. “Yes, you do.”

Oh, she knew. She knew perfectly well what was about to happen. She just hoped she could draw enough oxygen across her lungs to keep from passing out.

“I do,” she whispered.

Milliseconds later, their lips met and her eyes fell closed. Fireworks in vivid Technicolor exploded behind her eyelids and she wallowed in the pure, wanton pleasure of kissing him. Warm, wet desire pulsed between them. Desperate to feel more of the undisputed pleasure, she groaned and leaned into him, smashing her lips harder against his.

A slight chill at her neck told her he had brushed her hair back from her shoulder and soon she felt the warm touch of his fingers, massaging the base of her neck. Pressure on her lower back followed and soon their bodies aligned.

Goosebumps raced up her arms and over her shoulders as his fingers continued to draw circles on her skin and his lips continued to play havoc on hers. And just when she thought she’d die from the sheer pleasure of it all, he opened his mouth over hers. She wasted no time in opening hers as well and met his tongue with her own. Their tongues tangled in the heated moment and then as if he couldn’t get enough of her, he opened his mouth wider, his lips pressing impossibly harder against hers.

A whimper left her lips, a coded plea for more of his domination. Flesh slid across flesh as their lips met in a mutually satisfying dance.

And then something outside the ring of fire that surrounded them intruded, threatening to penetrate and then spoil her ecstasy.

Lost in utter contentment, she hesitated in her assault on his lips only because of the screaming sirens in the back of her mind. Hoping she hadn’t really heard them, she pressed her mouth firmly back against his. Much to her dismay, he suddenly pried their lips apart. It was then that her brain fully comprehended the sound of the security alarm.

Watch Me (Alpha Four, Book 3):


Event planner Carley Kensworth lives an extremely structured lifestyle, planning each activity down to the most minute detail. Organization is the name of the game and she refuses to falter. 

Sgt. Gage “Ace” Moore, ex-Army Ranger, skilled sniper, and Alpha Four investigator, thrives on living in the moment, content to tackle obstacles as they appear. Intent on untying Carley’s structured strings, he vows to show her the value of spontaneity. 

Ace’s patience pays off when Carley finally agrees to break free of her protective shell and do things his way. However, when Carley’s events become victims of sabotage, both structure and spontaneity prove to be the key to saving her reputation and her life.


Carley didn’t have to turn around to know the minute he stood behind her; her body sensed his arrival. Her breasts tightened. Her stomach muscles fluttered. A wave of heat crossed her chest, covering her skin in a nice red blush. She turned to find a sexy smirk directed right at her. She worked hard to keep her own tongue in her mouth, grateful when he extended a hand and spoke first.

“May I have this dance, Miss Kensworth?”

She paused for a brief moment to listen to the music and her heartbeat quickened when she heard the slow, sexy beat. Suddenly she couldn’t wait to press her body against his.

She slid her hand into his and stood while she shot her grandmother a you-were-exactly-right smirk.

“Of course,” she told him.

As soon as he held her in his arms and they swayed gently in time to the music, all her stress and tension seemed to melt away. Wrapped in the strength of his hold, she was content to stay there – music or not.

“I see Remington made an appearance tonight.”

She smiled, not surprised by his knowledge. Obviously, Nana’s observation was accurate. “Yes, he’s still working on votes for the port.”

“Think he’s made any progress?”

“Hard to tell.” She shrugged. “Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between honest interest and a polite brush-off.”

“Especially with this crowd,” he agreed as he pulled her closer against him and then whispered against the shell of her ear. “You look stunning.”

For once she appreciated the stilettos that wrapped her feet. Although they weren’t the most practical or comfortable footwear, at least they boosted her enough to whisper into his ear.

“You too.”

“I had a personal shopper.”

She grinned. Although his suit coat accented the impressive bulge of muscles beneath and the cut of his slacks revealed the strength of his thighs and legs as he moved, she would make only one change. She’d ditch the tie and unbutton his shirt to the third – maybe fourth – button. She knew from experience that would increase donations ten-fold. Unfortunately, this dinner was not a fundraiser and it would only cause a female riot.


“What are you thinking?”

“How to get you naked.”

She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth to keep from laughing out loud as he stumbled in mid-step and then gently eased her back until his heated gaze met hers.

“You’re a beautiful tease.”

“Who says I’m teasing?”

She tilted her head to one side and waited for his response to her totally spontaneous offer while several other couples danced around them. Intense heat built in the small space between them and she wondered how long it would take for either of them to combust.

He finally smashed her back against him and tightened his hold on her hips. “Later,” he mumbled.

“Pity.” She released an exaggerated sigh. “There’s an empty closet just behind the kitchen.”

His hands moved to the small of her back and his fingers began to knead the muscles beneath the bare skin there. Seconds seemed like hours while she waited for him to accept or reject her not-so-subtle offer.

“Carley,” he said finally in a soft, low tone. “Are you serious?”

A slow smile split her lips as she took a step back and captured his gaze. “Absolutely.”

“Go.” He released her abruptly. “Doubletime. I’ll only be a few minutes behind.”

Humor Me (Alpha Four, Book 4)


Licensed psychologist and relationship expert, Olivia “Liv” Blackwell uses her people skills to orchestrate happily ever afters for her exclusive clients. Blessed with a natural talent for social grace, she is well-respected and successful. 

Retired Army Ranger and founder of Alpha Four, Cpt. Beck “Thunder” Raines has refined the practice of law and order.  Working long hours and under the radar keep him out of the public eye. 

Determined to show Thunder the benefit of getting out more, Liv accepts the task of socializing the introverted soldier.  Yet, when an elaborate blackmail scheme turns personal the couple learns a whole new type of social etiquette.
Mia Dymond
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