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Saturday 17 September 2016

#MySexySaturday Holly and Victor have their own kind of sexy magic...

Welcome to the 159th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: My Sexy Magic
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This week a snip from the third book in the Always Cambridge Series, Misfortune of Birth. Holly and Victor have their own kind of magic. 


I woke to an aching back and a beautiful woman on my chest. “Well, hello,” I whispered. I couldn’t help but smile. I wanted to laugh out loud. Do the fist pump. I got her. Mission accomplished. I’d never had to wait this long for any woman. I felt like I’d achieved something that I’d been waiting for. 

And after all that, she was still wearing her blouse. I chuckled. Never even got that far. I’d only managed to get the buttons undone. It was sheer. I could see right through it. I ran a finger down her arm and she sighed. I traced my finger back up her arm, over her shoulder, over the slope of her breast and I let it run the outline of her bra.

I smiled again as the little bumps shot across her skin. She was exceedingly sensitive to my touch. I liked it. It made me feel like a demon. I could just wave my hand or stroke her, and like magic she was ready for me. I let the pad of my thumb run across her breast and her nipple hardened. She moved against me then peered up at me. 

“I’m not dreaming,” she whispered.

Did she really dream about me? That was the second time she’d used the word dream. She’d said something similar that miserable night in my apartment. “Nope. Sorry. It’s the real thing.” 

She propped up on her elbow and looked down at me. She skimmed her palm over my chest. “Well real thing, if this is my one night in Vegas, I’d rather not waste any more time.”

“It doesn’t have to be just tonight...

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