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Saturday 18 February 2017

#MySexySaturday The Hunky Repairman #Saturday7 from Erotic Romance, HARD and FAST

Welcome to the 177th week of My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme: The Sexy Hunk

Joss and sexy repairman, Billy, meet again. 
A Snip from Hard & Fast
[erotic romance, olderwoman/youngerman]


Just then, one of the wait-staff placed another glass of wine in front Joss.  

“I didn’t order—” she began. 

“The gentleman at the bar sends his regards.” 

Joss grinned and glanced around the table at all her girlfriends and, as one, they turned to see who’d sent the drink. Joss started at one end of the bar and scanned the blue work shirts once again but this time the repairman that she’d been hoping to see was there and had his mug of beer raised in salute with a devastating grin on his face.  

“Oh my God!” Joss breathed, grinning back like an idiot. Excitement built in her stomach, the likes of which she hadn’t known in a very long while. 

“Who the fuck is that hot piece of man and where have you been hiding him, Josslynn?” Della asked.

“I don’t know his name, I ran into him at the bank. We had one of those conversations that was completely benign but it was like we connected and said a whole lot more with our eyes.” 

“By the way that the two of you are devouring each other right now, I’d say you just had your second conversation.” Bryn giggled. 

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