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Saturday 15 April 2017

#MySexySaturday Sexy to the Rescue

Welcome to the 185th week of My Sexy Saturday

This week's theme: Sexy to the Rescue

This week I'm sharing a snip from upcoming release Autumn's Healing... Available for Pre-Order now and Early Download on Tuesday 4/18.

First Meeting...

“Jerusalem,” she said it again.  She blinked rapidly.

The way she said it made his stomach tingle. It didn’t hurt that she was fucking gorgeous—blonde, blue-eyed. Stunning. 

People generally had strange reactions to his name. He’d heard every dumb joke or religious remark going, but this was the first time a woman had seemed on the verge of hyperventilating over it. Her hand trembled in his. It made him want to hold on more firmly. 

All of a sudden he realized she was the same woman he’d seen on the bridge. She’d scared the shit out of him then. For a split second, he’d thought she was going to take a swan dive—the permanent kind. It's why he'd called out. He must have mistaken her intent.  

“That’s a very unique name, Mr. Aames,” she said, seeming to gather her scattered wits.  

He tipped his head. “Salem, please. And you are?” 


“Nice to meet you, Mikaylah.” He held her gaze—and her hand—for an overlong moment.


Rarely do we get to pick our battles… Often, they choose us.

Single mom Mikaylah MacDonough and her only daughter Autumn have been on their own a long time. So, when Autumn goes off to school, it seems only natural for Kaylah to pull up stakes and follow, though with some clear-cut boundaries, of course. She’s determined to give Autumn space to enjoy the whole college experience but remain close enough for emergencies, meals and laundry. But when the closing date of the current house overlaps with taking possession of the ‘new’ house, along with orientation week, Autumn has to go it alone. From that moment on, Kaylah’s dreams of a new beginning turn into a complete and total nightmare.
When former serviceman Jerusalem Aames drives up to the century-old Cleary house, he sees dollar signs for himself and his all-veteran crew. The rundown, old place would finally put his fledgling construction-renovation firm in the black. But the moment he meets the gorgeous homeowner who had been duped into buying the money-pit, his attraction is swift and instantaneous.
However, there’s something very strange going on in the dilapidated house that has nothing to do with rotting timbers or shoddy wiring. Whatever it is, it’s affecting Kaylah’s state of mind, and Salem finds himself in a battle he’s not sure he can win.
Early download April 18th
General Release Date: May 16th 
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