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Wednesday 29 May 2019

Mega Lesfic Sale @IHeartLesfic - In the Flesh - Only #99cents #lesbian #romanticsuspense

Have you heard about the mega lesfic sale over at I Heart Lesfic? More than 100 authors have joined forces to discount over 200 books. There are over 40 subgenres of lesbian fiction, ranging from romance to sci-fi to fantasy to mystery and so much more.

Including my erotic, ff, romantic suspense - In the Flesh - Only .99¢

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Working undercover, nothing is ever as it seems…

Assigned the unenviable task of taking down the untouchable Travino crime family, undercover ATF Agent Kate Benson and her veteran partner Mike Pennington are thrown into the seedy underworld of organized crime.

Kate is asked to draw on her past experience as a dancer and infiltrate one of Travino’s skin clubs, In the Flesh.

Posing as Vivienne, Kate meets exotic dancer Carly. From the moment they first dance together, she can’t seem to keep her mind or her greedy hands off the dynamic dancer. Together they sizzle on stage and off. She soon realizes she’s falling for Carly but knows from past experience that beginning a relationship built on half-truths is a recipe for failure.

As Kate attempts to straddle the line between doing her job and being as honest as she can be with Carly, while still maintaining her cover, Kate and Mike are caught snooping around the club after hours by none other than the mob boss himself.

And Kate knows there’s not a two-step in the world that can save them now.

In the Flesh is also featured in Pride Publishing's Ladies Only anthology, along with stories from Lucy Felthouse, Cari Z, Helena Maeve, & R.A. Padmos.

The I Heart Lesfic sale runs May 27th through May 31st.

The sale is so massive there are two pages packed with goodies.

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+18 Excerpt from In the Flesh

“We’d better get back to work.” Carly pulled on Kate's arm. 

“Are you sure?” Kate whined jokingly, trying to lighten the mood. She let her limb go slack. “I think we should scrap this number and go old school.” 

“Bump-and-grind?” Carly’s cute little nose wrinkled in distaste. 

“Okay, I’m easy. If you don’t want to do that, how about you simply give me a lap dance?” Though kidding, another steamier, erotic image flitted through Kate’s dirty mind of Carly sitting in her lap, doing figure-eights with her hips, their cunts nearly touching. 

“That way, I don’t have to dance. No one will question my skill, or lack thereof. I can sit back and watch you.” 

Carly played along. “The audience would love it.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “And we might, too.” 

Guaranteed, Kate added silently. 

“Nice try. Get your fine ass up.” Kate let Carly pull her to her feet. “It’s time for you to dance with me.” 

Once they were in hold, Carly peered into her eyes. “But play your cards right, baby, and I’ll give you the lap dance of a lifetime.” As she was speaking, she yanked their bodies together. Kate gasped at the intimate contact as well as the provocative promise. Carly’s gaze snapped to hers. 

“Sore muscles,” she lied deftly.  “Body parts I haven’t used in a while.” 

“All right. Open up a bit.” Carly inserted her knee between Kate’s legs. “This is where I want your focus.” 

Kate was trying really hard not to concentrate there. 

“These next steps are fast.” 

With a guiding hand, Carly turned them in a dizzying series of quick-succession steps across the floor. But Carly’s sexy flare of hip action and innate way she flipped her hair made it much more carnal. The top half of her body was so stiff and immovable, the bottom half fluid yet powerful. 

The first try, Kate lost her balance. 

“Center your chest to mine.” 

Kate realigned in an attempt to imitate the other woman’s tense frame. Better prepared, Kate readied herself for the whirlwind to come. 

“Inhale.” Carly pulled their combined frames tall and set out, calling steps and direction as they quick-stepped across the space. “When we stop, I want your feet staggered, like we’re going to do a turn, open step.” When they came to an abrupt halt, Kate watched in the mirrors as Carly raised one knee and did a series of rapid, intricate footwork in the vee of Kate’s stance. 

“That was incredible,” Kate cheered. 

Carly paused long enough to expend a small smile before she barked more orders. “Hop and together.” She readjusted. “And promenade.”

Breathless, Kate followed, trying not to stumble. 

“Stop. Lean into me. Drag your leg slowly up mine. Point your foot.” In a side lunge, Carly slid her leg out on an angle as Kate gradually raked her toe upward. Carly caressed her thigh then eased her foreleg around back. “Tuck your calf to my ass. I won’t let you fall. Put your crotch right up against my pelvis and inner thigh.” She cupped Kate’s backside, roughly pulling her into position. “Yeah, right here.” 

Kate’s pussy throbbed. 

With the most amazing show of strength, Carly held them both in that suspended position. With a sharp thrust of her hip, Carly bucked Kate from her perch and broke the hold. She immediately grabbed Kate’s head and twisted, lining up their mouths. 

Once they were eye-to-eye, Kate realized they were both breathing hard. In slow motion, Carly’s tongue peeked out and she wet her lips. Her gaze dropped to Kate’s mouth. Kate’s stomach clenched as Carly closed the distance. 

For a moment, they breathed each other’s air. 
Kate tilted her head. Carly slanted hers the other way. Their lips barely touched when, without warning, she straightened and said, “Let’s do it again. Just like that.” 

Stunned, both physically and emotionally, Kate struggled to catch her balance. Was she imagining this attraction? Was it all about the fucking dance? 

“I promise, it’ll be much hotter when we put it all together.” 

Holy fuck! Hotter? Every erogenous zone was already smoldering. 

Carly strutted back to the start point and tapped one foot impatiently. 

They went over it again and again, each time becoming easier, but still arousing as fuck. 

“That one was really good,” Carly praised after another set. She took Kate by the shoulders, turning her to face one wall of mirrors. She pressed her front to Kate’s back, her high breasts flattened, warm and firm. Her pelvic bone rested against Kate’s bum. Kate’s skin prickled everywhere they touched. 

Stickler that she was, Carly started to run through some of the finer moves, once again. 

Kate tried her best to concentrate on the choreography and not the phenomenal body contouring her back. 

“You’ve done so well today, Vivi.” A rush of her warm breath tickled Kate’s ear. 

As one, they reached for the ceiling. 

“Full extent of the arm, rolling off our fingertips. Arch your back. Press your bum into me. Yes! That’s perfect.” There was a bit of a rasp to her voice. 

With their right arms still in the air, from behind, Carly wound her other arm around Kate’s midsection and gave a squeeze. For a moment, their gazes connected in the mirror before Carly’s attention strayed. Kate followed her focus. Her chest heaved from the exertion, nipples straining against the tight-fitting In the Flesh T-shirt. Perspiration made it cling to her. 

Slowly, Carly began to lower her arm, but on the descent smoothed her fingers lightly from Kate’s wrist to forearm. Goosebumps erupted everywhere she touched. Especially when she reached the soft, sensitive skin of the inner biceps. This was not part of the routine. 

Carly grazed Kate’s underarm. It tickled but also sent a wet rush between her legs. Though Kate was mesmerized by the trip Carly’s hand was taking, she dragged her gaze back to the woman’s in the mirror. 
With deliberate slowness, Carly lowered her head and ran her lips from Kate’s shoulder up the side of her neck. All the while, her hand continued the journey downward, skimming the swell of her breast. Kate’s nipples stiffened to hard points. A deep, delicious ache pooled her outer labia. 

Carly swirled her fingertips in a circular pattern over Kate’s breast, teasing every nerve ending, sending tendrils of need right to the straining peaks and below. Kate stifled a groan. 

Every whorl inched closer to Kate’s stinging nipple. To Kate’s delight, Carly was also ascending with her other hand, closing in on the opposite breast. Unable to hold it in any longer, Kate moaned in anticipation. 

Carly took her time and teased unmercifully, rubbing softly, exploring her breasts. Even when she finally neared the tight buds, she hesitated. Scissoring her fingers, she trapped Kate’s nipples and gave them a little pinch. 

“Onh,” Kate moaned deep in her throat. Kate arched, brazenly pressing her breasts fully into Carly’s touch, seeking more. At the same time, she thrust out her backside, hoping Carly would press her hard mound there. She wasn’t disappointed. 

Unexpectedly, Tavis barged in. 

Kate froze. 

Carly closed her eyes and dropped her forehead to Kate’s shoulder. “Fer fuck,” she whispered. 

Kate’s body thrummed with need. 

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