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Tuesday 23 July 2019

A New Heartwarming Romance on the Go by E.D. Parr - Dear Heart #gay #paranormal #romance

Thank you for inviting me to your blog with my new release gay romance from Evernight Publishing, Dear Heart.

This will make you smile.

I wrote Dear Heart for my guardian angel, because he’s worked overtime all my life so far.


Aiden Flint goes on vacation with three friends to Pamplona, Spain. Seeking excitement, they will run with the bulls in the festival of St. Fermin. As the four friends enjoy the nightlife, they notice an attractive man watching Aiden in the bars they visit. In the warmth and heady atmosphere of the exotic city, Aiden takes a chance and approaches the handsome man.

Enigmatic Santiago Arista is sexy, kind, desperate for love, and achingly lonely. He’s just about given up on finding love, until one warm, summer night, sitting alone in a bar, he sees gorgeous Aiden. He’s elated when Aiden joins him at his table.

Deep attraction swirls between them. At the end of the night when they share a kiss, Aiden can’t believe the bliss that enfolds him, but have both men found someone to love just when fate is about to throw Aiden into mortal danger?

Welcome E.D. Parr, I have a few questions for you today.

Who would be your favorite character across all of your books and why?

I love all my characters, but I think the one I’d choose as favorite (only if I had to) is Nick Kringle from Make a Wish. He’s enchanting, happy, and uplifting. Hmm, actually I feel disloyal now to my other gorgeous, lovable characters.

Writers block can be a real pain in the ass! Do you suffer from it sometimes? And if so, how do you deal with it?

I’ve never had writers’ block, luckily. I’m the opposite I have so many ideas I don’t get enough time to write every story I think of. I do sometimes run out of stamina and wish the words would jump out of my mind onto the computer screen. I go for walks when I’m mentally tired or I watch a favorite movie.

What are you working on at the moment? Can you share a little snippet to whet our appetites.

I’m writing a gay Sci-Fi romance. So far, I have no title for it. Titles generally drop into my head some way into the story.

Here’s a snippet:

Corin took the step and closed the gap between them. He grabbed Zeb around the head and kissed him. The kiss lasted longer than he intended. Feelings Corin had pushed to the bottom of his heart rose in a tide of remembrance and flooded his body with tenderness. Horrified he pushed Zeb away, aimed, and clicked the button on the portalphone. Through the aura of white light cast as the portal took him away, Zeb’s loving smile tore at his heart. Corin closed his eyes, but he knew he’d see Zeb in his dreams forever as his former lover raised a hand in farewell.

He bent his head when scalding tears rushed from his eyes and traced a path down his cool skin. To hide them, he scooped up Zeb’s sword, before he turned to Marcus who joined him silently.

Marcus placed his hand softly on Corin’s arm.

He knew it was a gesture of support, but all the same, Corin shook it off.

“I need to report the corpse.” He pressed the communicator lodged in his ear. “JaKobi. The mission is complete, but there’s a bloody mess in Sector Five. Send a cleaning unit ASAP. I’ll wait here in case the red stuff attracts undesirable behavior.”

Copyright E.D. Parr 2019

In 5 words, describe your writing style.

Narrative, sensory, emotive, colorful, dynamic

In reference to writing, are you most productive in the morning, afternoon or are you a night owl?This is really because of my day job. I write at night, but I am naturally a night owl and hate getting up in the morning.

Do you write one story at a time or more than one? How do you balance them?

I used to write more than one story at a time, but usually it was no more than two. I’d balance them according to how the characters developed. Then that changed and I usually write one story at a time, but I have a few partly written stories in folders on my laptop waiting for me to find the time to get back to them.

What is your least favorite part of the writing or publishing process?

It’s marketing because it’s so time consuming and relentless with not so much result per effort expenditure. It has to be done, but it takes away from writing time and I resent that.

Where do you find inspiration?

Well, the oddest places and things provide me with inspiration.

An interesting building I pass, a road sign, the natural world, for instance, a forest.

The inspiration for my story The Night Gardener came to me one night. Zachary Yarrow one of the heroes, came to me in the night. There are lots of natural noises in the night where I live. Recently something larger than usual had been padding along the patio and wooden deck at the side. As I listened one night, I suddenly thought, its gardening, the animal is the night gardener, and it made me laugh. Then Zachary dropped into my mind like the hot stuff he is and I had to write. Dane Lovell, my other hero, is the guy who’s had some heartbreak. He’s still shaken by it, and perhaps he doesn’t need the paranormal side of Zachary, but the tradeoff comes because Zachary is such a happy character, and there’s no inkling of what’s really happening with him until they fall deeply in love, and Dane asks Zachary to live with him. That’s the catalyst for Dane to give Zachary the support he’s needed all along.

I love them both. They’re perfect for each other. They have the kind of love we all deserve.

By the way, this is a happy story, it can tug on the heartstrings, but there’s a HEA

Fun questions if you feel like answering them:

If you had to pick one song of all time that would be the theme song to your life.

Right now it would be, Loverboy by Mattis

That will probably change.

What is your favorite quote?

“I spent all morning putting in a comma and all afternoon taking it out.” Oscar Wilde. (This quote varies in lots of sources but the sentiment remains the same.)

Name your guilty pleasure.

Lemon drizzle cake

Tea or coffee

Black Tea

Black or blue denim

Too hard, I have to say both

Top or bottom

Yikes, as above, both (grins)

Wish list car

Honestly, I’d just like a brand new Jeep Wrangler. My Cherokee is way old but still a goodie.

Wish list vacation

This changes with how tired I feel. Sometimes it’s a tropical island, sometimes touring every single castle, old abbey, and pre-historic site in the UK.

Let’s go back to Dear Heart have you brought a teaser with you?

Yes, here’s where Santiago and Aiden first kiss.


On the narrow sidewalk, when they’d left the bright lights of the bars behind, Santiago took Aiden’s hand.

Excitement rocketed through Aiden. He took a deep breath, and on a dimly lit side street, he turned to Santiago and dragged him close. He molded the length of his body to Santiago’s, breathing close to the gorgeous man’s lips. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

Santiago responded.

The gentle merge of his lips with Aiden’s sent wonderful melting sensations through Aiden’s body. He clung to Santiago, taking kiss after kiss, lingering in the delectable embrace, pressing his hips to Santiago’s, breathing with the gorgeous man, sighing at the same time, until his legs weakened with raw desire.

Santiago drew only a fraction away from Aiden’s mouth. “Your kiss is addictive. I don’t want to stop. I feel your need against my body, and I want to ease it.” He held Aiden’s face and kissed him again.

Waves of exquisite feeling rolled through Aiden. He murmured softly, incoherent sounds of pleasure onto Santiago’s lips each time they broke contact to breathe. His thoughts tumbled in those seconds. The kisses were the best he’d ever experienced. He’d never before felt the kind of sensations running through and over him. He rested his forehead on Santiago’s.

“I’ve never had such totally amazing kisses. I’m floating in pleasure.”

Copyright E.D. Parr 2019, Evernight Publishing


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