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Tuesday 22 December 2020

Enjoy this Character Interview with Noah Somersby from E.D. Parr's New Release: Night Song #mmromance #HolidayRead #lgbt @parr_books @evernightpub

 Night Song


E. D. Parr

Words 26,415

MM romance, gay seasonal romance

Released from Evernight Publishing December 8, 2020

Twenty-five year old Oliver Honeycutt has no idea how handsome he is. He’s creative, brilliant at his job, and underused in the designer fashion store where he works. Behind the scenes, Oliver takes special care with orders for customer, rock star, Zane Highwood. When Zane is to be the main attraction in the store’s Christmas party, fashion show, Oliver hopes Zane will notice him.

Multi-millionaire, twenty-five year old, Noah Somersby, made his first million before he was twenty-one and now owns a number of casual-chic menswear stores. He’s a designer, gorgeous, and desperate to find a man who will love him for himself and not see dollar signs as they kiss.

Noah doesn’t often take the train into the city, but one rainy day he does, as he settles into a seat opposite Oliver, the two men exchange interested glances.

In fact, Noah is super attracted to Oliver and Oliver thinks Noah is gorgeous.

As the store holiday season party approaches, can serendipity bring them together?

Read a red hot teaser

Noah read attraction in Oliver’s gaze. Desire raced over him. He wanted to go slow, but at the same time, he yearned for Oliver’s naked skin against his own, Oliver’s mouth on his, and a sigh escaped him.

Oliver must have sensed his need. He put his own coffee down next to Noah’s, then in a fluid move slipped his hand along Noah’s jaw and held the side of his neck. He whispered against Noah’s lips, and the tease of breath raised a tingle all the way down Noah’s chest.

“I suddenly want you to rush me. I want to rush you. I want to leap ahead as if we’ve seen each other lots. I want to strip you and have you naked in my arms.”

Noah’s cock shot into an erection. His eyes shut, heavy with lust, as he closed his fingers around Oliver’s and stormed his mouth with urgent kisses. He murmured between them, “I can’t think of anything I want more.” He let go of Oliver and opened the buttons on his shirt with trembling fingers. His entire body tensed as sexual need raced over him. He pulled off his shirt and dropped it beside him.

Oliver swept his hands over Noah’s chest and held his shoulders.

The passion in Oliver’s kiss took Noah’s breath away. He dragged Oliver’s t-shirt up. Then, remembering his hurt arm, he gentled his touch and kissed along the soft part of Oliver’s shoulder.

Oliver helped pull off his t-shirt.

The sight of Oliver’s muscled chest sent a pulse of sensation through Noah’s balls, and he ran his fingertips up and down Oliver’s skin. “It feels good to touch you.” Lust overwhelmed him. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed being with a man until then, and this was special. Touching Oliver let loose such intense desire, he swept his fingers down Oliver’s torso and plunged them into his jeans and underwear. He contacted the head of Oliver’s leaking cock, and his fingertips slipped on the pre-cum. He groaned with pleasure as Oliver held his face and kissed him hard.

Noah opened Oliver’s pants as he returned the delicious kiss. He pushed them and Oliver’s boxers down. Delight filled him as Oliver lifted his ass so that he could take them all the way down his thighs. His heart hammered. His cock leaked. His stomach tensed so tight his balls lifted. He moaned softly into the kiss as he grasped Oliver’s hard dick. Noah stroked a few times, his thumb circling the slippery pre-cum on the slit.

Oliver broke the kisses to breathe. “I want your pants off, too. Your hand on my cock is heaven.” He sighed against Noah’s mouth.

Copyright E. D. Parr 2020, Evernight Publishing


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Interview with Noah Somersby.

Today we welcome, Noah Somersby one of the heroes from, Night Song

I’ll make this interview fun…

Noah, If you were a dessert, what would you be?

(Laughs) A dessert … I’d have to be my favorite wouldn’t I. Chocolate ice cream with mocha sauce.

What do you do when you need to blow off steam?

Usually I run around the park near where Oliver and I live now, but before we lived together, I dashed into the city gym when I could. I used to do a lot of Parkour, but I’ve toned that down since I got a little older and busier with my work. (Laughs) It might look a little weird a mid-twenties guy in a business suit free running through the city.

What do you look for in a man?

Nothing now I’ve met Oliver. He’s perfect for me. I love him. He’s intelligent, creative, good-looking, sexy, sweet, caring. Next time I’ll bring him with me.

What is in your refrigerator right now?

Oliver and I live together now. There’s cold chicken, and some beer. Honestly, we need to go out for groceries so there’s not much in there right now.

What’s on your bedroom floor?

A pile of fashion magazines and journals. A few design books. An iPad. Probably a t-shirt…

What do you wear in bed?

Depends what I’m doing (smiles) so it ranges from a t-shirt and boxers to nothing … (smiles again) mostly nothing now.

Light on or off?

Either, both

Chocolate or vanilla?

Is that for licking off Oliver’s abs? Has to be chocolate.

What’s your biggest fear?

Oh, well, I only have to think about that for a second. Honestly, it’s losing Oliver’s love. It would break my heart. Nothing else matters.

What is your most treasured possession?

After the last question, Oliver’s not my possession but I treasure him. I can’t think of one specific thing. I guess I’d be lost without my laptop or phone but I tend not to treasure things as much as experiences and people.

What’s your favorite outfit?

I have some old faded Levis and beaten up leather boots that I rely on when I’m not in suits. I usually throw on a t-shirt and my battered leather jacket over the top. I have to wear suits for work.

What do you like to see Oliver dressed in?

Anything he likes, (his eyes mist a little) although I do like him in his ripped jeans, because there’s a frayed bit high on his thigh… I do love to see him in his blue overcoat. It brings out the color of his gorgeous eyes.

Do you have a favorite music track?

My taste and surprisingly Oliver’s too, is eclectic. We’re listening to Mattis stuff right now—love it, and some old Passenger.

We’ll make that the last question. Thanks for visiting. Where are you off to next?

(Smiles) You know that’s another question, right? I have to get back to my office, some fabric samples will have arrived for me. Bye, then.

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