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Sunday 23 October 2022

NØT Safe For Sunday Snippet - +18 Content - Enjoy this exceptionally hot excerpt from an oldie but a sexy Rock Me Gently #contemporary #erotic #romance

Breaking News: Rock-God Jase West Quits the Music Biz!

Jase West has it all. Millions of adoring fans, money, women, cars and the talent that affords him the extravagant lifestyle he enjoys. But in reality, his life has become nothing more than a non-stop hazy binge of coke-fuelled sets, bright lights and endless travel. At one time, creating the music was the most important thing. Somewhere along the way he’s lost the heart for it and himself in the process.

After fulfilling his contractual obligations, Jase quits the music business and goes back to school, re-emerging as Jason Westlake, history teacher.

During Jason’s first set of parent/teacher interviews, he meets burned once, twice shy, Lainey Clarkson, the single mother of one of his students, and he’s immediately drawn to her. The country music lovin' mama has no idea who Jase West is and Jason wants to keep it that way. But secrets always have a way of coming out and building a new relationship on them is nothing but a heartbreak song in the making.

Erotic Excerpt: 

Lainey was already waiting patiently in the driveway when Jason pulled up. God she looked beautiful. How did she just keep getting better and better-looking? Today she wore a classy double-breasted navy dress with gold buttons, almost military style, her dark hair done in a loose knot. He wanted to get his fingers into it.

Jason unfolded his tall frame from the little sports car. “Hey, beautiful.” Snagging her around the waist, he pulled her to him before taking her lips in a long hot kiss.

When he finally came up for air she breathed, “Well, hello, handsome. I think you just squished our sandwiches.”

He shrugged. “That’s okay.”

They walked up to the front door and he unlocked it. The minute they were inside and the door shut, she was back in his arms, kissing him madly. He was just about to tackle the buttons down the front of her dress when she started to sink down in front of him. Unfastening the button and fly of his tailored pants, she had them open before he could blink. Impatiently, she worked them over his hips and released his swollen cock to the air.

“God, Lainey, what are you doing to me?”

“Shh, I’ve been thinking about this all morning,” she confessed as she licked her lips, then slid them, warm and firm, around the head.

She pushed him back against the door.

Fuck! She’d been thinking about this all morning? She’d been thinking of giving him head? Thinking about his dick? Sucking it? His thoughts as well as what she was doing to him were going to make him come way too soon for his liking.

Jason splayed his fingers into her hair, holding her head as she ran her tongue from the bulbous head to the root, stopping to suck each ball softly, one by one, before making the journey back up. Jason watched it all from above. Her eyes were closed as if she were enjoying it too, maybe savoring it as much as he was. Having the visual along with the sensation was almost more than he could take.

Lainey licked the pre-cum from the tip before taking the crown into her mouth again. She made a humming sound of appreciation in the back of her throat, causing him to moan in response. She pulled his cock forward and took as much as she could, letting her lips and jaw close firmly around him, replicating her hot wet cunt. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth, breathing hard.

Lainey wrapped her hand around the base of his dick as she withdrew back up to the tip. Then she began to go down on him until the tip hit the back of her throat. While making a fist she attempted to make up the rest of the distance. She began to pump her hand in conjunction with the mouth action.

Jason’s heart pounded, along with his blood. His grip tightened in her hair as he moaned his pleasure loudly. “Ahh, fuck, Lainey!” He gritted his teeth as she picked up the tempo even more.

Jason felt the hot rush of excitement building and building, higher and faster as she expertly sucked and stoked his eager cock. He clamped down on his glutes and tightened his thighs trying to stave off the inevitable, to eke out one more second of pleasure. But when she closed her other hand around his balls and she reached with her fingers adding some pressure back there, it was all over for him.

“Aww, God!” he hissed, dragging his hands out of her hair, placing them to her cheeks, stroking her in appreciation as he sprayed the back of her throat.

“Mmm,” she hummed again, not letting up on the rhythm until she’d milked every last drop from him. When she finally released her hold, he pulled her head against his stomach just hugging her.

She moved her hands up to his hips.

“Mmm,” Jason repeated. “Whoa!”

With her eyes half closed in desire, she looked up at him, her face flushed, her lips pink and swollen and she smiled at him.
He would never forget her expression. “You thought about that all morning?” he asked, his voice raspy.

She kissed his stomach and he helped her to her feet. “Yes,” she said simply, rising. “I can’t seem to keep you out of my mind either.”

“And you thought about that? Fuck me, how could I be so lucky?”

She grinned. “Ya liked that, huh?”

“Liked? Liked is too tame a word for that.”

Jason pulled her against him and he felt her tremble. He may have been lucky but she was still suffering some major arousal, he guessed. He started to pull up the skirt of her form-fitting dress. She resisted at first. “What are you doing?” she said attempting to smooth the material back down.

“Let me touch you.”


“Come on, let me touch you. I know you’re turned on.”

She smirked and blushed.

They waged a tug of war for a moment before he decided to try a different tactic. He kissed her, hotly, teasing her until finally she worked her hands around his neck, and he seized the opportunity to pull her skirt up to her waist. There was no fight left in her.

Jason eased his palm down into her panties, allowing his fingers to sweep between her lips. He was met with soft, hot, slick liquid just waiting to be savored.

“Now what I wanna know is,” he whispered into her mouth, “were you this wet from thinking about what you were going to do to me, or was it doing it to me that got you so worked up?”

Woooo! Is it hot in here? I hope you enjoyed this sexy snippet from Rock Me Gently. Go forth and have a sinful Sunday, folks. I know what I'm gonna go do. 🤭

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