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Saturday 15 June 2013

'Better Than Another Man' Release Day

My first m/m story Better Than Another Man and my first release with eXtasy is now available!!!

I'm really excited about this story. This is not a genre that I write in, or one that I particularly read. It is a new one for me and to my knowledge, this will most likely be the only m/m story that I produce, unless my muse has other ideas, but for now he is keeping silent. But when this story came to me, I had to get it down.

The story has already been described as very moving and real. These words meant a lot to me, because these men were very real to me while I was writing them. I feel like the relationship that Bryan and Carey have, is the kind of friendship and love that only a lucky few get to experience and the rest of us strive endlessly to find it. It doesn't matter what gender, we all just want to be loved.

I really hope that if  you choose to read this story that you will enjoy it. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Thanks for stopping,
 H K


Better than Another Man is a love story between two best friends, Bryan and Carey. Bryan is straight and Carey is gay, but they stand by each other through the milestones of their lives, including Carey’s coming out.

But when a family tragedy strikes, Bryan turns to Carey for support, and their relationship moves in an unexpected direction.

Can a straight man and a gay man enter into an intimate relationship, or will it destroy their friendship forever?

Who knows Better Than Another Man…

contemporary, erotic, GLBT, mainstream with references to heterosexual acts

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