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Thursday 7 November 2013

Hollywood Bound Gin & Jazz by @MorticiaKnight

Morticia Knight and I decided to swap blogs for the day, both of us having new releases from Totally Bound this past week. Come on in and enjoy an excerpt from Hollywood Bound from Morticia's gritty new Gin and Jazz series...

Hi HK, thank you for having me at your blog today. Everyone be sure to visit my blog afterwards, and see what HK’s up to over there. She has an exciting new release as well – and it features food, my 2nd favourite thing after – you guessed it – SEX ;-) Oh wait, it has lots of that too, so what are you waiting for?

Hollywood Dreams in the Gin & Jazz Era

Hollywood Bound (Gin & Jazz 1), was just released and is only 99 cents! The Gin & Jazz series begins in 1924, and follows the story of the young and innocent Jack Stone as he travels from a vaudeville theatre in New York - with his best friend and new lover Nick - to Hollywood. They hope to find great jobs there working as set builders at a motion picture studio. It’s such a grand adventure because everything is so new to them. From hopping a train, to being intimate for the first time, to the excitement of being in Hollywood – they don’t know what to expect next. But after they arrive, they find that the glitz and glamour of the celluloid kingdom isn’t kind to new hopefuls.

In the following excerpt, the wall that has existed between the two young friends as Nick battles his desires for Jack finally breaks down. It’s the moment that forever changes what they are to one another.

Jack and Nick seek fortune and adventure in the silent film era of Hollywood. But their newly-expressed love is threatened by the heady allure of fame, gin and easy money.

They walked in silence, and Nick was sure that Jack didn’t know what to say to him lately, as Nick had been so stand-offish.

I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but what if I give in, and it doesn’t work out? What if I end up hating myself and him because of it? Then what?

They reached Huyler’s, and it was busier than usual. There were no spots at the counter, and the tables were reserved for people buying food.


“Come on kid. Let’s go outside for a smoke, and we’ll see if it clears up.”

Jack followed him out as he followed him everywhere, and Nick felt that clutching in his chest when he thought of how rotten he treated Jack sometimes. He didn’t mean to. It was just his way of making sure he didn’t get too soft with Jack, which would only lead to other behaviour.

“How much we got left, Nick?”

“Ten cents. Enough for a cup each until we get paid. This is the last smoke though, so we’ll each take turns puffin’, okay?”

Jack had a funny look on his face as though he were turning something over and over in his mind.

“We’re sure to get paid today, right?”

“If Pearson wants to keep his nose on straight, then yeah, we’re gettin’ paid today.”

“So it wouldn’t hurt if we took out another dollar, sat at one of the tables and had a great big pancake breakfast, with syrup and bacon and—”

Nick yanked Jack up by his collar. He was so angry, he could barely see straight.

“We don’t touch anymore of this fuckin’ money—you got it?”

Jack’s eyes were wide like saucers, and his lower lip trembled a bit. Nick let him go and looked away. His lust for Jack was consuming him, changing him into some sort of beast he no longer recognised.

Unable to face Jack, he turned towards him just enough to offer him the cigarette.

“Here. You take the rest.”

“Fuck you Nick!” he yelled, batting the cigarette from Nick’s hand.

Nick swirled all the way around just in time to see Jack running away. The kid was speedy, and Nick spurred into action. He had no idea where Jack was headed, but he was filled with a sudden terror that if he didn’t make things right, he might not ever see him again. That thought alone filled him with dread, and pushed him to move faster.

Just as Jack rounded a corner into one of the many filthy alleys that cut through the city, Nick caught up to him and slammed him against the wall.

“Let me go, you jerk!”

Jack struggled with him, kicking at Nick’s shins, but Nick held Jack fast, grasping his hands above his head and shoving his thigh in between Jack’s legs, giving him no room to get away or strike out at him.

Jack stilled, both of them out of breath from running like crazy men, their chests heaving with their exertion. Nick gazed down at Jack who was being careful to look to the side and not make eye contact. All Nick wanted in that moment was to claim him. To tell Jack that he belonged to him, with him, and nowhere else.

“I hate you,” Jack said softly, still not looking at Nick.

Nick’s heart was breaking, yet he could feel the hard outline of Jack’s dick pressed against his thigh. Jack liked it. He liked having Nick hold him there, restrain him like that. Be rough with him.

“No you don’t.”

Suddenly, Nick used his free hand to turn Jack’s head towards him. Nick pressed his lips against Jack’s and forced his way into his mouth. He explored and probed, enjoying the sweetness of him. It had never felt like this before. The hesitant little pecks he had shared with Penelope had been sterile and cold compared to this glorious heat. He deepened the kiss, sweeping the inside of Jack’s teeth and tongue, memorising every little nuance that was him. His man. His Jack.

Jack had relaxed in Nick’s embrace and was responding to him unreservedly. They were both hard and kissing with such an urgency that Nick knew if they weren’t careful they would end up fucking right there in the alley and risk getting arrested.

He pulled away abruptly, but still held Jack prisoner.

“Not here. We can’t take a chance gettin  caught.”

Jack had tears at the corners of his eyes, and Nick bent down to kiss them gently away.

“There, there, Jacky boy. It’s okay. Everythin’s gonna be okay.”

Jack choked on a little sob.

“I don’t hate you, Nick, I just…”

“Shh. I know. I’m an asshole. But I’m gonna be better. Haven’t I always taken care of you? It’s just because of this past week. There’s been Pearson and Oscar, and no food, and…fuck! That first night in the theatre… 

Look, I ain’t so good with words, but everythin’s gonna be okay, just don’t worry about nothin’.”
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    "Hollywood Bound" sounds so exciting! Ever since I saw "Gatsby" this summer, I've been reading everything about the jazz age I can get my hands on. The excerpt sounds HOT and I can't wait to read it. :-)