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Tuesday 1 April 2014

April Blog Hop for Autism Awareness #Giveaway #Competition

April is Autism Awareness Month and April 2nd, 2014 marks the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events.  

I'm pleased to take part again this year in author RJ Scott's There are lots of wonderful prizes to be won every day, but more importantly, follow the hop and check out all the posts from the amazing authors who are contributing this year.

So here's my Autism fact:

In the US Autism costs a family $60,000 a year on average.

The topic this year is what you've learned from a child.

I learn from my children everyday. I know as a parent you are the one who is supposed to be the teacher and the role model, but what I've gained from my kids over the years, has been immeasurable.

My eldest son was born with more than his share of health problems and in attempting to help him through, I had to grow up in a hurry. We've kind of grown up together really. In the early days, it kind of seemed like it was him and I against the world, just fighting every day to keep him here. And he is a fighter.  Thank goodness, I cannot imagine what life would have been like without him. I was determined that he would live. I know it was totally out of my control, but at the time, I couldn't think any other way. 

It took years and several major operations and therapy and he will always be watching over his shoulder for the next thing that might befall him, but he is as prepared as he can be and determined. This past year, he had a bit of a set back. And because he'd gone such a long stretch of being in relatively good health, I think it was a wake up call for him, that he is not Superman, (though he'd love to be) and that he is not invincible. Though his mind is steel, his body isn't. And it really pisses him off too. :) He hates that it is his weakness. But as I a said, he is a fighter and he never gives up. He taught me strength; that I didn't know I had, he taught me love; that I didn't realize was possible, and he taught me tenacity, which any one who knows me, would never attach that word to me. I'm not a go getter by any stretch. But maybe when it counts, I can be a bulldog, and 'C' taught me that. 

So when I started this new chapter in my life, my writing, my son was my biggest supporter (all of my kids have been incredibly supportive of my dream), but he never allowed me to give up, even at some of my lowest points when I just wanted to stop. He'd pick me back up, give me shake and tell me failure was not an option. At times, he has been my sounding board, my critic, my mentor, my artistic expert and the shoulder that I go to. I have dedicated the first book in my latest series with eXtasy Books to him, because right from the very first day that I mentioned this project to him, he has been behind it. It has taken years and many twists and turns and incarnations. I'm not sure that AC would have seen the light of day, if not for his faith and support. 

Here's the blurb for my brand new release, book one in the  
Always Cambridge Family Saga Series:

 The Always Cambridge Series chronicles the life of Holly Cambridge through her tumultuous childhood and violent teen years and the consequences that stem from being the daughter of mob boss, Bill Cambridge.

Always Cambridge Book One

He is her guardian, but she'll do anything within her power, to protect him.
His only duty is to keep her safe, but he can’t save her.  

Holly Cambridge is just a typical kid, or so she thinks, until one day, she takes a good look around and realizes that her friends don’t have bodyguards dogging their every step.

At the age of sixteen, Holly is assigned a new bodyguard, Randy Phillips. He is a tall, muscular, God-like force in the young, impressionable and lonely girl’s life. He is her friend, her confident, her conscience and the older man she adores beyond reason.

Randy Phillips, is fully aware of his young charge’s adolescent crush on him. Although, he is flattered by the adulation, he maintains a safe distance and professional demeanour until Holly is wounded in a rival family blood feud, and the course of both their lives is changed forever.

release date April 1, 2014
Thanks again RJ for being such an incredible advocate, author and friend!

So here's my prize:

Leave an email address in the comments below and on April 16th, I will announce a winner at random. I'll be giving away a $10 gift-card from ARe and winner's choice of any one of my titles. 

And don't forget to follow RJ's Blog Hop for Autism Awareness


  1. I LOVE this post H K, thanks so much for sharing it! I can't wait to read your new book, I enjoy a good family saga.

  2. This is such a great thing you are all doing to promote awareness.....I'm loving the sound of your new book.
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Tracy, thanks so much. RJ is a wonderful advocate. Thanks for stopping and good luck in the drawing.

  3. thanks for such a great post. your son sounds like a real trouper


    1. He really is Laurie, thankfully. Thank you for stopping and good luck in the drawing.

  4. Your son sound really great and very brave. This blog is a wonderful way to help highlight Autism.


    1. Hi ShirleyAnn. He really is someone I look up to.
      And RJ does a wonderful job setting up this blog hop every year. I know I learn something new every time.
      Thank you so much for stopping and good luck in the draw.

  5. I always learn so much from this hop! Thank you for sharing your story...


  6. Your son has such a wonderful determined spirit. Wishing the best for him and your family for the future.
    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  7. I just loved your personal story! Sounds like you are a wonderful mother and have an amazing son! Wishing you all the best! amybowens34@yahoo.com

  8. Thank you for sharing your story about you and your son! It's inspiring. He has a lot of spirit and determination. This blog hop is a wonderful; thank you for being part of it.


  9. Your son sounds amazing. :-)

    Sh0mehardwork [that's a zero, btw] at gmail

  10. Thank you for sharing and for spreading awareness. I've picked up a lot of interesting information I didn't know before.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  11. Love your post. :)


  12. What a wonderful post, your boy sounds like a fighter!


  13. You have a beautiful story. I'm lucky to be party of a family with an autistic child, so I get to see those shining moments a lot...I love it. :)

  14. This is a great blog hop for a great cause. Good to hear everyone's stories.
    -Miranda P

  15. The winner of an ARe gift card and one of my titles is...

    Laurie! Congratulations!

    Thank you to everyone who commented and joined in the Autism Awareness Blog Hop and thanks to RJ for organizing another informative and heart-warming event.
    Cheers, all!