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Wednesday 24 December 2014

Join Us Dec. 24! Coffee Time Romance Santa Watch and #Giveaway! @CoffeeTimeRoman

Merry Christmas To All!

We hope you'll join us at Coffee Time Romance. We're on Santa Watch this year! Join your favourite authors for some festive fun and free stuff! Special thanks to the lovely Tarah Scott for the invite to this extra special event! My guest spot is at 1:30 p.m. EST. Hope to see you there!

Keep an eye out!

Here's the schedule: (I'll try and pop up the links as they become available but it's a busy day so forgive me if they don't go up as the times pass) but you can check here at Coffee Time anytime) Cheers!

Opening 8:00 AM

Pippa Jay      9:00 AM

Santa Watch #1 BJ Scott 9:30

Kayelle Allen 10:00 AM

Santa Watch #2 Kay Springsteen 10:30 AM

Kristina Haecker 11:00 AM

Nathalie eBookKindleLover Bernier  11:30 AM

Sue-Ellen Welfonder 12:00 AM

Santa Watch #3 T. C. Archer 12:30 AM

Ceci Giltenan 1:00 PM

Santa Watch #4 H. K. Carlton #4 1:30 PM

Tarah Scott 2:00 PM

T. C. Archer 2:30 PM

Santa Watch #5 Lee Brazil 3:00

Debra Jupe 3:30 PM

Mary Ann Jordan 4:00 PM

Santa Watch #6 Joanne Wadsworth 4:30

Collette Cameron 5:00 PM

I Smell Sheep  5:30 PM

Sam Cheever  6:00 PM

Santa Watch # 7 Tarah Scott 6:30

Natasha Blackthorne  7:00 

Angel Payne 7:30 PM

Santa Watch #8 Joanne Davis 8:00 PM

Ruth Hartman 8:30PM

Santa Watch #9 Hildie McQueen 9:00

Ashley York 9:30 PM

Ella Quinn  10:00  PM

Santa Watch #11:00

Shirlee Busbee 11:30

Santa Watch #11 T. C. Archer 11:45

12:00 Midnight: Farewell

Hope you'll joins us. 
Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night! 

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