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Sunday 7 December 2014

Coming Soon From @evernightpub Memories of Us AND Next Weekend #eroticromance

I'm pleased to announce I have two upcoming releases with a new publisher, Evernight Publishing!

First, coming in January 2015, a contemporary erotic romance with extremely mild sub/dom undertones, entitled  Next Weekend, a short story for the Romance on the Go line.

 Miranda and Jordan Lang are in the middle of a divorce. The only thing holding up the final decree is a co-owned cabin. As the couple waits for a buyer, Jordan retreats to the cabin every Friday to Sunday. In a moment of weakness, missing her man, Miranda also heads for the cottage and accidently—on purpose seduces her soon to be ex and even boldly invites him back the following weekend for a repeat performance. The next time they meet, Jordan has worked himself into a fury over Miranda’s insensitivity. He takes out his anger on her and treats her rather roughly. But to his surprise, she loves it. But can this new and exciting aspect save their doomed relationship or will it only prolong the inevitable.


Coming in February, a full length novel, Memories of Us, also a contemporary erotic romance. 

This was a fun one to write, the first part of the story shifts back and forth between the past and the present. 
Can you be seduced by memories?

Call Barstow knew Karis Hirt as his best friend's promiscuous little sister. In fact, he spent the majority of his teenage years fighting off her sexual advances. But there's also that unwritten rule guys live by—you don't mess with another guy's sister. Even when she makes it excruciatingly difficult. But memories, over time, often have a way of shifting perspective and when Call and Karis reconnect as adults, Call wonders why he'd bothered, putting up such a fight. 

I'll release the official blurbs in a future post.
Follow Evernight on Twitter, Facebook and at the Evernight blog for all the news and upcoming releases, including mine. Squeeee!

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