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Friday 24 April 2015

#ReleaseDay DARK FOURSOME (Lustful Possession Bk2) #99cents #erotic #paranormal @MuseItHOT

YAY! It's release day for the second book in the 
Lustful Possession Series 

Is it possible for the human body to recover from supernatural possession?

That’s the question, Josh Hewes and Crishtin Davenport grapple with daily.
After being controlled by some amorous spirits during a paranormal investigation, their lives have not been their own. 

In an attempt to help the apparitions “crossover” the only thing they’d been successful in doing, is allowing the souls of Miles Townshend and Shelley Smythe — two long dead individuals — to take up semi-permanent residence as their hosts and use their corporeal bodies at whim.

Josh and Crish are beginning to have feelings for one another, but to complicate matters; they are also developing affections for the insatiable phantoms who visit them nightly.
As Josh and Crish attempt to find a way to rid themselves of their bothersome visitors, normal life has to resume, and Josh having work commitments to fulfill, jets off to Ireland on yet another paranormal investigation with his colleagues. 

But Josh soon discovers that mixing spiritual possession with a malevolently haunted castle can carry grave consequences.


I'm also celebrating release day with my good friend and fellow author, the lovely Meg Amor today. So pop over, we'd love to see you. There's a giveaway, too!
Book One
Meet Me in the Dark is also still .99¢

Crishtin Davenport thought she was attending a simple Halloween event—A good scare to get the blood pumping. But instead she finds her pulse racing over one of the event’s organizers.

Josh Hewes loves nothing more than investigating paranormal activity, but after meeting Crishtin the only thing he wants to explore is her.

However, getting to know one another takes an unexpected turn when some randy spirits get in on the act.

Crish and Josh are inexplicably drawn into a heady web of desire and want nothing more than to possess each other. But they’re not the only ones.

Be careful what you invite in to play…

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