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Sunday 17 April 2016

#MasturbationMonday Week 85 Suggestion...

A tease from Streetlight People...

I pushed him up against the door and slithered down his body, pulling at the snap of his jeans as I went. By the time I hit my knees his zipper was down.

I peeled away the last barrier between his yummy cock and my salivating mouth. 

I quickly took his throbbing length deep into my throat, just where I’d been dying to have him last night.  

He dipped his hips and splayed his fingers into my hair. 

“Ohhh, baby!” he groaned. If my mouth hadn’t been so busy, I’d have grinned.  

He had a magnificent cock, long and straight. A nice, thick shaft and a smooth head. 

I released him and he groaned. I took his balls firmly into my hand. “Do you know how badly I wanted to suck your cock last night?” I asked, looking up at him before licking the glossy tip. 

He opened his mouth but no sound came out. It looked as if the door was the only thing holding him up. 

I wrapped my lips around the head of his delicious dick, giving him a slow taste. “Mmm…” I made a humming sound, half my own arousal, half strategy, knowing that the vibration would reverberate through his erection, giving him a sweet buzzing sensation. “I wanted to do it together with Toni.” 

That wrung another strangled sound from his throat. “Can you imagine? The two of us”—I drank him in deep before setting him free—“going down on you at once?”

“Uunnhh,” he moaned. 

“The different temperatures of our mouths.” I ran my tongue around the pulsing bulb then withdrew. “The separate pressures of our lips.” 

His cock was wet and slippery from my mouth. I slid my hand up the length of him and jerked him a couple of times quickly.  

“The distinct speeds and depths with which we could take you.” I deep-throated him. 

His entire body shuddered. “Ahh, fuck!” He pulled at my hair, holding my head. 

“Have you ever had two women suck you off at the same time?” 

I sneaked a peek up at him. He had his head thrown back against the door, his thick neck corded with tension. His mouth was wide open as he struggled to breathe. He shook his head to the negative. At least, I thought so. 

He was so close to coming, his juices flowing just under the thin skin. 

I pulled his cock towards me, taking as much of him as I could while squeezing his sac. I consumed him until he shouted and trembled, jetting his hot jizz against the back of my throat. I swallowed and licked the tip of him clean. I was so aroused my panties stuck to me. 

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  1. Whew! Is it hot in here? It's definitely HAWT. And after a description like that *I* want 2 people to go down on me at the same time, too!