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Tuesday 2 May 2017

Release Blitz + #Giveaway Eight Days in the Sun - MK Schiller @MKSchiller Contemporary Romance

Title: Eight Days in the Sun
Author: MK Schiller
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Kensington
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR


Love needs only one chance to shine . . .

He followed in his family’s footsteps and just graduated Marine boot camp. Now Mason Cutler’s personal mission is to get plenty of sun, surf, and no-strings romance in his favorite laid-back Florida beach town before shipping out. But a chance encounter with reserved Kiran Shenoy becomes a golden day of conversation, connection—and an intense attraction Mason can't walk away from. They make an agreement—eight sensuous days together without regrets or promises. Yet soon Mason is longing to convince the spirited woman behind Kiran's sad beautiful eyes to take a chance on even more . . .

All Kiran dared hope for was a chance to heal after a tragic accident and a devastating loss. Mason's freewheeling energy and head-on courage warms her scarred body and soul—and ignites her heart. But with their lives going in different directions, the only commitment they can make is a pact to meet again. Can what they feel survive Mason’s military duty, and Kiran’s second chance to restart her life? And can a desire sparked one summer night be enough for forever?

MK Schiller is a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. In the dark of night, she sits by the warm glow of her computer monitor, reading or writing, usually with some tasty Italian…the food that is! She started imagining stories in her head at a very young age. In fact, she got so good at it that friends asked her to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. She hopes you enjoy her stories and find The Happily Ever After in every endeavor. M.K. Schiller loves hearing from readers. Find her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter @MKSchiller, and visit her website at www.mkschillerauthor.com

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Mason takes a step toward me. I follow suit. Only a sliver of air is between us. The wind picks up and causes an annoying strand of hair to brush against my face. I think he’s going to tuck it behind my ear. Instead, he unclips my barrette. With a hand on each side of my face, he kisses my forehead. The kiss is tender and pure. His hands slide lower until his fingers fiddle with the bottom button of my shirt. Seeking permission, he gives me an assessing look. I nod.

He undoes the button. Then a second, and then a third. His fingers shake, or maybe that’s my body reacting. I never imagined being comfortable enough with anyone to expose myself. I can count the days I’ve known Mason Cutler on one hand. Yet there is a freedom between us I’ve never experienced with anyone else.

He gently pushes the fabric off my shoulders. It flutters away. My breasts heave in the simple white bra I’m wearing. He gazes at my body.

“You’re beautiful, Kiran.”

His fingers ghost over my skin. They slide along the biggest and ugliest of all my scars. A long, straight line that runs down my stomach.

“This is surgical?” he asks, not taking his eyes off it.

“Yes. They filleted me like a fish.”

He falls to his knees before me. He kisses that spot. Once. Twice. Three times. My legs shake, but not from any kind of pain. He grips the button on my jeans. Before he undoes it, he looks up, seeking permission once again.

“Take them off, Mason.”

They fall to the ground. Besides my panties and bra, I’m naked. Naked and not afraid for once. He stands. He places a finger under my chin and tilts my face until our eyes meet.

“Ready for that swim?”


He takes my hand and leads me into the water. It’s chillier than I thought. But it could have been arctic, and I wouldn’t mind. The waves crash against us, threatening to push me to the ground. Mason holds me tight. The water comes over my waist. It’s dark and cool. Maybe it even breaks my self-imposed shackles. The moon is vibrant against the water as if the two are kissing.

When the water reaches just below my chest, we stop. I turn to him. He smiles softly. This time, he does tuck the strand of hair behind my ear.
I place a hand on each of his hips.

“One day we’ll go surfing together,” he whispers.

“I’d like that.”

“One day I’ll take you to the revolving restaurant on top of the Wilshire, and we’ll have ourselves a nice dance.”

“I’d like that too.”

“And one day, I’m going to kiss you under a full moon.”

“Make that day today, Mason.”

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