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Monday 15 May 2017

Release Day! Destiny @HollyJGill Are You Ready to Meet Mr. Wright? #Billionaire #EroticRom #99cents

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Title: Destiny

Series: Destiny BK 1
Author: Holly J. Gill
Genres: Romantic Erotica Billionaire sweet adult 

Holly J Gill Destiny

πŸ’•✶ BLURB ✶πŸ’•

Are you ready for Mr. Wright?

She is his addiction—his misfit. She has got under his skin, opened his heart and forced herself in.

Luke Wright sits under his father running a multinational company ‘Wrights Enterprisers’. Much to his frustration, he is called to sort out a department, forcing him to miss a trip to New York. However, when he walks in, he sees a young woman and becomes powerless, losing his morals, and begins breaking his own rules.

Can she be his Destiny?

Destiny Love is young and wants for nothing and is determined to make it in London. Things aren’t quite going to plan, though, and to top it off there’s a new bossman, meaning new rules. Will Mr. Wright give her a chance to prove herself?

Why can’t she stop fantasizing about him?

Warning: Destiny ends in a cliffhanger.

πŸ’•✶ EXCERPT ✶πŸ’•

“I still need to speak with you,” he said, leaning across me to get a spoonful of coffee.


“The sooner the better, Miss Love.”

I was hypnotised by his presence, with thoughts from last night troubling me.

“Nice view.”

I instantly pulled the material together. He reached across me as I noticed his Rolex Daytona in gold with a black leather strap watch.

“My office, Miss Love,” he said, moving around me for the hot water, and then poured a little milk in his mug, feeling his breath on my face.

“Of course,” my voice broke, so small, if he heard me.

I heard him inhale a deep breath, taking in my fruity aroma. “Cerruti 1881, by Nino Cerruti, I believe?”

“Yes, yes, it is,” I said, appreciating the fact he knew my fragrance.

“The fresh, floral scent for such an incredible young woman, excellent choice.”

I became lost in his entrapment of seduction, closing my eyes.

“My office, Miss Love,” he reminded me, losing all sense of anything, lost in his words, lost in his closeness.

“Shit.” My mind and body went mental for him, eager to just reach out and have him…explore him, rip away that suit and bare all, have our nude bodies pressed erotically together.

I hadn’t noticed he’d left my side, too lost drowning in him, the boss.

“Flipping heck, Destiny, stop it.” I turned, looking at the office door, aware he was behind it, waiting no doubt for me to go in and listen to whatever else he had to say.

Come on, Destiny, get it over and done with.

Standing at his office door, I sucked in a deep breath and moved my hair from my face that had fallen loose. I knocked, anxiously.

“Enter,” his voice ordered.

I stepped in with severe knots in my tummy. I grinned.

“Mr. Wright.”

“Please shut the door,” he informed me, sitting behind his desk, and leaned back staring at me, watching my every move.

99¢ OR 99P

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