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Friday 11 May 2018

Out Today @eXtasyBooks - The Stunning Conclusion to the haunting Lustful Possession Series - #erotic #paranormal #timetravel

And that's it folks, The End of the Lustful Possession Series
Part 7
Dark Defeat

Evil Never Counted on Battling one pissed-off mother!

Follow the Lustful Possession Series from the beginning...

Travel Through Time and Unravel the Mystery of Castle Cairnnon

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Dark Defeat

This book was previously published. It has been re-edited, re-formatted, and re-released. 

The stunning conclusion to the Lustful Possession series. 

Thrown back in time by the demon Hualryn O’Cairnnon, Neve Bradach and Haydn O’Conner live the lives of Keallach Ó Gallchobhair and Alesdair O’Cairnnon. 

Hell bent on saving her children, Keallach will stop at nothing to defeat the evil that stalks her family. Even if it means taking on the original demon who turned Hualryn to the dark arts in the first. 

Evil never gambled on battling one pissed-off mother! 

Warning: This collection of short stories contains both mf and mm pairings, and cliff-hangers. Installments must be read in order. 
This last book in the saga has mf, mff and ff interaction.

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