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Saturday 2 June 2018

A Backlist Weekend Rewind + an e-Book Summer Sale!

This weekend, on the blog, I'd planned to revisit some of my older stories. In the meantime, one of my fabulous publishers — eXtasy Books — announced a huge Sale. So what better time to reminisce and maybe snag some books on sale at the same time. From now until June 15th enjoy 30% off backlist e-books at eX.

Sample a +18 excerpt from Xmas Spouse Swap at the end of this post!

in reading order
Always Cambridge
Misfortune of Birth
Law and Order: Crime and Chaos
Always Holly  

romantic suspense, saga, mob, mafia romance, love triangle


The Lustful Possession Series

The haunting Lustful Possession saga—breaks all the romance rules

Cairnnon Castle is one of the most haunted places on earth & home to one of the most evil entities ever documented. When an enthusiastic troop of paranormal investigators descends on the ancient stronghold, all hell breaks loose

Travel through time & unravel the mystery of Cairnnon Castle

Meet the O'Cairnnon's—a fate most do not survive

Lustful Possession - 1 thru 7
Meet Me in the Dark
Dark Foursome
The Fall of Cairnnon Castle
Rising from the Darkness
Dark Seed
Bending Darkness
Dark Defeat 

This series of short stories was previously published. It has been re-edited, re-formatted, and re-released. Warning: This collection contains m/f and m/m couplings and cliffhangers. Installments must be read in order.

erotic, dark paranormal, time-travel


Stand-alone Stories

Now We're Even 

College students Callie Read and Haines Bennett rub each other the wrong way. And that’s the way they like it. But there’s an undercurrent of sexual interest that has their mutual friends betting that it’s only a matter of time before they’re doing it the right way.

But after a typical Friday night partying at the local campus pub, Hainsey takes is upon himself to teach Callie a much needed lesson about teasing the wrong guy. For her own good, of course. But tying her up while she’s passed out, he takes things a little too far.

The next weekend Callie retaliates, getting even and giving Hainsey some overdue instruction of his own. The proverbial tit for tat.

Can they bury the hatchet and call it even or have they effectively ruined an already precarious relationship with their raunchy one-upmanship?

mild bdsm, erotic, romance, dubious consent, HFN


Adrenaline Lust 

After a particularly gruesome trauma, an intern and his attending physician, find themselves in a post adrenaline-fueled tryst.

gay-for-you, mm, erotic, medical


Meet the twins who take share and share alike to a whole knew level...

The naughty sisters decide to switch places and one tipsy Christmas Eve leads to a twin swap their husbands will never forget!

erotic, spouse swapping


Better Than Another Man

Can a straight man and a gay man enter into an intimate relationship, or will it destroy their friendship forever?

Who knows Better Than Another Man…

erotic, gay-for-you

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+18 Excerpt from Xmas Spouse Swap

“Check it out!” Kyle cheered when he got an eye full of the two of them in their similar low-cut short nighties, topped off with the Santa hats.

“How about a little holiday hoe-down, fellas?” Siri invited, seductively doing a full body roll. 

“Merry freakin’ Christmas!” Kyle bellowed, then cranked the music. 

Siri seemed to perk up at his exuberance. 

“How about we give them a show they won’t ever forget?” Siri pulled alongside Iris so they were hip to hip and gave her a playful bump. Then she tempted Kyle and Brett with the most sensually fluid arm gestures, using her wrists and her fingers to beckon them closer. “We’ll get them so hot and horny they won’t know what to do with themselves.” 

Kyle all but floated over to them. “What have we here?” He placed one hand on Iris’ hip and his other on Siri’s and began to move with them to the rhythm. 

Both women sidled up to Kyle. Greedily, he wrapped his arms around each of them. 

“Fuck you, Brett, my Christmas wish came true!” he called. “I got both Beaulieu sisters.” 

For a few minutes, Brett sat in a chair across the room with his snifter of Brandy and simply watched the girls dance provocatively with Kyle. 

For some reason, Iris couldn’t keep her gaze from straying to Brett. Yes, he was keeping close tabs on his wife and Kyle, but Iris could also feel the heat of his intensity on her as well. It made her want to move more sensually, just for him. 

“Your husband likes to watch,” Kyle said to Siri. 

“Indeed he does,” Siri replied in a sultry voice. 

For some reason, the thought fascinated Iris. 

Iris pried her attention away from Brett to look at Kyle. His eyes were heavy with arousal. He was definitely getting off on dancing with the two of them. Siri was feeding off him, as well. 

Wickedly, Iris wanted Brett to take pleasure in them, too. “Come, Brett, join us.” Iris tried to imitate the same dramatic gestures with her arms as Siri had when calling to Kyle. She was pleased when Brett set his glass down and made his way over. 

To her delight, he didn’t immediately go to his wife. Instead, he placed his hands on Iris’ waist and moved with her. She, in turn, raised her arms and cupped his broad shoulders. Tentatively, she petted the soft fleece of his pullover. 

For a big man, he moved fluidly. His gaze traveled over the deep U shape of her borrowed camisole before returning to her face. 

Gradually the guys moved in, practically sandwiching Iris and Siri between them. Iris ended up back to back with her sister. 

Brett was so close his brandy-scented breath fanned across Iris’ face, but it was the potency of his stare she found intoxicating. 

Before long, Kyle, who was still holding Siri, reached for Iris. Skimming with his hand, he followed the curve of her neck and shoulder and part way down her arm. He then detoured around to the front, where he cupped her breast and fondled it. She was both mortified and turned on at the same time, especially when Brett lowered his gaze and watched Kyle’s hand at work. Brett ever so slowly trailed his hand up her side and rested his palm on the side of her other breast. He caressed her side boob with his thumb. The soft gesture sent the most delicious tendrils of sensation straight to her pussy. 

Iris had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. Her nipples hardened to aching points as Brett and Kyle double-teamed her. Yet she wanted more, much more. What would it be like to be touched by both men at the same time? She tried to resist the urge to fidget, hoping to direct Brett’s hand where she craved it most. 

Not to be outdone, Siri turned her back to Kyle, yet kept him close. Iris wondered if her sister could feel her husband’s erection nudging her ass. There was no doubt that all four of them were equally aroused at their spontaneous play. 

“Move your hip just a smidge, Eye,” Siri whispered. 

Shamelessly, Siri reached around Iris and palmed her husband’s cock through his trousers. “Ohhh, aren’t you nice and hard!” Siri crooned. 

Iris fisted her hands. Her fingers itched to find out for herself just how hard he truly was. She peered up at Brett, wondering about his reaction. 

But to her surprise, he wasn’t even looking at Siri. His focus was squarely on her. It made her yearn to touch him all the more. 

Siri chuckled. 

Iris was sure the low devious sound went through them all. It certainly did her. 

“Seems Kyle isn’t the only man who has a twin fetish.” Siri all but purred. She was enjoying this, and not only in the physical sense. She was pushing Iris right out of her comfort zone, and if Iris wasn’t mistaken, she was doing the same to Brett. 

Iris had to occupy her hands or she might do something insane, like swat her sister’s hand aside so she could take the full and complete measure of her hunky brother-in-law’s mouth-watering erection. Yet she was loath to turn away from Brett, just in case he, too, decided to do the unthinkable—like fondle her breast and not merely tease the side. God, how she wanted him to. Instead, Iris reached behind her and groped for Kyle. With Siri’s new positioning, she could now reach him. She bumped his thigh. He stepped closer, repositioning, obviously eager for some attention as well. Iris dragged her hand up to his balls and gave them a firm squeeze. 

“Mmm,” he hummed, and tucked his hips under, seeking more TLC. 

Iris caressed him, working her palm up and down his stiff shaft. 

“Yeah,” he drawled. 

Just when she thought there was nothing left Siri could do to shock her, her sister proved her wrong. 

She leaned in and murmured, “Touch him.” With a lift of her chin, she offered her husband. 

Siri’d always been the devil on Iris’ shoulder, whispering in her ear, prodding her to act. Or was her twin simply reading her mind—somehow all-knowing when it came to her deepest, darkest desires. 

When Iris hesitated, Siri gripped her other hand from where it sat benignly upon Brett’s shoulder and guided it over his chest and washboard abs. Iris was inordinately pleased when his muscles rippled under her touch. 

For the moment, she didn’t possess the dexterity or mentality to stimulate both men at the same time. Her grasp on Kyle relaxed, yet he continued to thrust his hips, pumping his cock between her inert fingers. 

Bit by bit, Siri eased her hold, then finally left Iris to her own devices. 

Selfishly, she continued to explore the hard plains of Brett’s chiseled core. 

“Touch her,” Siri urged her husband. 

With apparently single-minded calculation, Siri was pushing their respective boundaries toward the tipping point. 

Brett’s nostrils flared, his pupils dilated. His grip at her waist tightened. 

He wants to. A wicked thrill raced through Iris. Goose bumps erupted all over her highly sensitized skin. 

Siri turned away from them and shifted her focus back to Kyle. His firm cock slipped from Iris’ grasp. 

Now Iris had the advantage of using both hands. She placed her palms over Brett’s firm pecs, and after giving each an appreciative squeeze, she changed direction and made a slow and deliberate journey down his ribcage. She sensed the tenuously harnessed tension in him. 

Brett’s fingers twitched at the side of her breast. 

Reflexively, she arched her back, desperate for his touch. 

It became a silent battle of sorts between them—who would step over that forbidden line first? 

The pad of his thumb brushed her areola, coming ever so close to her straining nipple. 

“Oh, God,” she murmured. Her eyes fluttered as she tried to maintain eye contact with Brett. That connection in and of itself was stimulating her on a whole other level. 

A nerve in Brett’s jaw ticked erratically. 

By accident, she bumped the bulge at his waistband. Hastily, she jerked her hand away as if she’d been burned. 

A growl radiated through his chest. She more felt it than heard it. 

The tip of his thumb nudged her aching nipple. 

She whimpered and fisted her hands in his sweater. The action pulled him closer. 

His gaze dropped to her mouth. 

Suddenly he cleared his throat, dropped his hands, and took a step back. “I think it’s time for bed.” 

Stunned, Iris blinked rapidly, feeling as though a bucket of cold water had been dumped over her. 

“Right. Bed.” Kyle agreed. 

Each man grabbed his woman and practically ran for their respective bedrooms. 

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