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Thursday 21 June 2018

Book Tour + #Giveaway - A Fine Line - by Sue Horsford @fingal1962 #bdsm #eroticromance

A Fine Line Tour Graphic
Sue Horsford
A Fine Line
Genre: Romance, Erotica, BDSM
Publisher: Totally Bound
Publication Date: November 22, 2016
No one would understand that my submission empowered me, that I felt stronger kneeling at Gabriel’s feet than I ever had standing at Paul’s side.

Faye Austin seems to have it all--a fulfilling career, a successful husband, a beautiful home. But appearances can be deceptive and sometimes Faye can’t help thinking she’s living the wrong life. A lifetime of being compared to her beautiful younger sister, Ginny, has left her feeling second best, and a chance discovery while looking at her husband’s laptop has led her to realize that her marriage is not all it seems.

Then she meets the handsome Gabriel Scott, a man who likes to play sexual games of power and control, and suddenly everything makes sense. Gabriel’s natural dominance is so compelling that Faye feels her own submissiveness awakening in response, a reaction that both horrifies and excites her. She works with victims of domestic abuse and is adamant that no man will ever tell her what to do. But there’s something about Gabriel that draws her in and gives her a glimpse of who she really wants to be.

Can Gabriel give her what she needs? Or will Ginny get there first?

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My jaws were forced apart by the gag and I couldn’t remember ever feeling so helpless.

“Good.” He fastened the leather straps around the back of my head. “I won’t leave you like this for too long today. I don’t want your beautiful mouth to get sore.” He gave me a slap on the ass. “This is about humiliation, not pain, so make a noise if you need to say your safe word.” With that, he crossed over to the armchair in the opposite corner of the room.

From my position bent over the box, I couldn’t see him, but I could feel his gaze on me. It was humiliating, being restrained like this, gagged at one end and plugged at the other, but it was also unbelievably erotic. I wasn’t safe, boring Faye Austin anymore. I was dirty, hard-core, Gabriel’s whore. I knew my pussy would be dripping for him. The edge of the leather seat was pressing against my clitoris and I tried to subtly rub against it, desperate for some relief.

Instantly, Gabriel was on his feet and at my side. “Is my baby trying to pleasure herself?” He spoke gently, as if he was sympathetic to my need, and I whimpered and nodded.

“And is she allowed to pleasure herself without asking her Master’s permission?” he asked. He continued to speak softly, but I knew I was in big trouble and I whimpered again as I shook my head.

He undid the straps of the gag and eased the ball from my mouth.

“What do you have to say to me?” he asked sternly.

I knew he was about to punish me and I knew it would hurt, but the thought of it only increased my excitement.

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I said. “I’ve been a…a dirty slut.” I didn’t know where the idea to say that came from, but it just seemed the right thing to say.

“A dirty slut?” Gabriel sounded pleased at that. “Yes, you have been a dirty slut. And whose dirty slut are you?”

“I’m your dirty slut, Master.” I wondered whether it was possible to have an orgasm from words alone. I was certainly very close.

“That’s right, my little slut, my dirty little whore.” He took hold of the end of the butt plug, twisting it inside me. “What happens to little sluts who disobey their Masters?”

“They get punished, Master.” Suddenly I wasn’t playing anymore, if I ever had been. I was Gabriel’s little slut, his whore, his submissive. Whatever he wanted me to be, I was it. This was dark, but it was sweet and it was beyond beautiful.

“And what do you think I should use to punish you, slut? Do you think I should spank you with my hand?”

I hesitated and Gabriel fisted his hand in my hair and pulled my head up. “I’m giving you the chance to choose your own punishment, little slut. But be careful. If you don’t choose a severe enough implement, I’ll choose for you and I might choose something worse.” He leaned down so he could speak into my ear. “I’ve brought all the implements with me, and I do mean all.”

What a conundrum. Did I go straight for the serious stuff or try to play it safe? I tried to remember everything I’d seen hanging up in his cupboard. The crop and the flogger were for play, I knew that much, but what about the leather paddle? Was that enough?

I remembered the first time he’d punished me, that night in his bedroom, when I’d pushed against his fingers. The belt had really hurt but I suddenly knew it was what I needed.

“Please, Sir. I deserve the belt,” I said, my voice quivering.

“Good girl,” he said approvingly.

He went over to his bag. Then I caught my breath at the familiar sound of the belt, bent double, being slapped against his palm. He placed his hand on the small of my back. Crack! Gabriel brought the belt down across my buttocks so hard that, if I hadn’t been restrained, I would have jumped up.

“Owwww. One, Sir.”

He brought the strap down again, hitting exactly the same spot, and I yelped.

“Aaaahh. Two, Sir.”

Then he pushed his fingers inside me, moving them in and out and rubbing them against my clitoris. “You’re so wet, little slut,” he said. “See how wet you are.” He reached round and wiped his fingers on my face, smearing me with my own juices. “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you, slut?”

“Yes, Sir,” I gasped.

He stepped back and the belt bit into my flesh, but this time I welcomed the pain. Pleasure…pain…it was all the same to me now.

“Three, Sir,” I groaned, then, “Oh, God, four, Sir.”

He thrust inside me again. I cried out with my need for him and he pulled his fingers out and held them to my mouth. “Lick them clean.”

Slavishly, I licked his long fingers clean, moaning with my hunger for him.

“How many more strokes do you think I should give you, dirty slut?” Gabriel asked me. His voice was deep, carnal, almost a snarl, and I knew he needed release as much as I did.

“Six, Sir.”

“Six it is, then.”

I whimpered as he put his hand on my back. He brought the belt down six more times and each time, I cried out louder than the last, partly from the pain but mostly from the sheer joy of being brought to heel by my Master.

When he finally released me from my bonds and the plug, I was sobbing, but Gabriel knew me well enough by now to know there was nothing wrong with me, and he simply caught hold of me by my hair, led me over to the bed, pushed me face down over it and fucked me from behind. It was quick, it was savage, but it was what we both needed

About Sue Horsford

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner living in the North of England with my husband and soul mate. Over the years I must have started and abandoned over fifty novels before I decided to try my hand at writing erotica. Finally I had a finished novel and a new hobby all in one. I never realized writing could be so much fun!
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