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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Cover Reveal - Streetlight People - H K Carlton

So excited to reveal another new cover. They have all been fantastic! The art department at Total-E-Bound is Awesome! 

Cover Art by Oliver Bennett

This story is a little bit of a departure for me. First, it's a short story, that's new, as my editors will tell you; I like words and lots of them. Also a little different genre for me too, Ménage. Here are the release dates:

Pre-order: 25th February 2013 for VIP Members @ Total-E-Bound

Pre-release on the TEB site: 11th March 2013 Total-E-Bound

General Release: 8th April 2013

Coincidentally, the pre-order date for Streetlight People coincides with the general release of Lost Time

I hope you'll check them both out!  Here's the blurb for Streetlight People...


  1. Can't wait to read it HK. Street sounds delicious love his description. Muscles, tight fitting and cowboy boots are some of my favorite words ;)


  2. Congrats, HK! The cover looks amazing! I don't normally read menage's, but this story sounds really interesting. Can't wait to read it. :)


  3. Thanks, Jen. It's kind of a new genre for me too.