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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Cover Reveal ~ You Found Me ~ H K Carlton

I am so excited to reveal yet another new cover.  

You Found Me is the first book that I penned from beginning to end (something that had a different feel to it than all my other scribblings up to that point) and with the encouragement of my sister and my children, it was the first manuscript that I sent out into the publishing world with the hopes of seeing it published. This is the first of two historical romances that will be released in the new year by MuseItUp Publishing. You Found Me has been with me the longest, so it is very near and dear to my heart.  I had very specific ideas of what I wanted for the cover, because I've had so much time to think about it. C.K. Volnek, one of many talented cover artists at MuseItUp Publishing, captured just the right feel. I cannot say enough about it. I am delighted with the cover. What do you think?

YOU FOUND ME Coming February 2013

Cover Design by C.K. Volnek   
You Found Me Blurb:

Injured, lost and alone, what more could a girl ask for than to be rescued by a roguish Scottish Laird and a proper English Duke?

Marcus Sunderland, reared in England, groomed from birth to be the Duke of Carlton, is everything a proper English gentleman should be. Unwaveringly loyal to his liege and childhood playmate Queen Elnor, devoted to his people and his country.

Laird Niall Lummisden of Clan Logan in Lomond, Scotland, is everything a roguish Scottish Laird should be. Dedicated to his clan. Friendly, easygoing, born with confident swagger, he is the complete antithesis to his English half-brother Marcus. 

As the brothers travel to a royal engagement they discover a woman left for dead in the road, beaten beyond recognition. It is decreed by his Queen that Marcus must take the stranger back to his estate to recover from her injuries. The unidentified woman not only survives the vicious attack but, as she begins to heal and communicate, struggling to recall her life before they found her, both men are intrigued and attracted to her.
The Duke and the Laird have survived a lifetime of cultural and political differences, but can the brothers survive her?
~ ~ ~ ~
I know what a few of you are probably thinking right about now after reading that blurb (especially the few that have read Swap) That yours truly might possibly have a brother fixation. I guess it does not qualify as a fetish...so maybe it's just a thang...Whatever it is; you are probably correct. :P


  1. Congrats its a stunning cover and just in time for the holidays.:-) Nothing compares to the first. Happy Holidays.

    1. Thanks, Kat. An awesome gift to receive too. Happy Holidays!

  2. It's beautiful, Heather. I love it and can't wait to read it. Spreading the love all over social media now. Good Luck and Happy Holidays, Marian.

    1. Thank you, Marian. I appreciate the support. Happy Holidays!

  3. HEATHER - H. K. - HEATHER I finally know your first name! Your cover is beautiful. Charlotte always comes through. AND your book sounds fabulous.

    Is this out now? I want it! Give me a link, Heather.

    Penny Estelle

  4. Thank you so much, Penny. Charlotte is amazing. You Found Me does not come out until February, but I will be sure to keep the MuseItUp readers and authors up to date. (You'll probably get sick of me) :D

  5. So excited to see this book cover! Good for you HK! I can hardly wait to read this one!

  6. Thank you, Lynsie_Beth. I can't wait until February.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Wonderful cover!
    You know I loved Swap, so I can't wait to read You Found Me.