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Saturday 21 December 2013

#MySexySaturday The Right Setting

Welcome to the 30th week of My Sexy Saturday
  The rules are simple
 Post 7 paragraphs, 7 sentences or 7 words from a WIP or published work
Have you ever noticed, as a writer or reader, that sometimes the setting more than helps with the romance? 

Excerpt from The Best of Both Worlds (ménage, mff, contemporary erotic romance)

 I took off to the creek with the same old blanket that Griff and I used to keep handy. We never knew when we’d need it for ground cover or to wrap up in so that we could hide what we were doing. I smiled, remembering how crazy we’d been.  

As I rounded the trees, hearing the trickle of the water, I hoped Griff would be there, like he’d always been in the past. It was like he’d had a sixth sense when I’d needed him. Whether it was my dad, or school, or Avery, or just the need to get the hell out of this place, Griff had known that I’d been hurting and he’d come. He’d let me talk and cry my heart out and he’d just held me.  

My hopes sank as the brown murky water came into view and there was no big strapping cowboy waiting for me. I sighed heavily and laid the blanket out, taking a seat. I pulled my knees up to my chest and held them with clasped hands.  

It was weird—as strong and as independent as I’d like to believe that I was, being back there made me realize just how much I’d missed having Griffin in my life. Back then, he’d been everything to me, rolled up in one. Without a mom, a father that hated my guts, and a best friend who couldn’t even look at me, Griff had become my whole world. My lover, my best friend, and yeah, even in a way, I guess he was like a parental figure. My moral code. God knew where my wildness would have taken me if not for him. Griff had let me be wild and foolish with him. But he had a slow and sturdy way about him. Like his daddy, I guess. They were good men. Hardworking, honorable, steady as they come, God-loving gentlemen to the end. I’d never gone wrong taking Griff’s advice. Sometimes just the strength and kindness that he offered had been all that I needed.

Even when I had talked about leaving and going to school far away, as much as I’d known that it had hurt him, he’d never once out and out asked me to stay. As selfish as I was, he was selfless and he’d let me go because he’d known that’s what I’d wanted, what I’d claimed would make me happy. And isn’t that what real love is? Putting the happiness of the person you love above your own? Well, he always was a better person than me.
I closed my eyes tight, as tears rolled down my cheeks. It hadn’t made me happy and I still hadn’t found what I was so desperately looking for.
I heard the rumble of the tractor coming closer, then the blessed silence as the engine cut. The heavy crush of his work boots in the dirt coming closer. I didn’t have to turn around. I knew it was Griff.

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