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Friday 20 December 2013

The Best of Both Worlds - Early Download @Totally_Bound

The Best of Both Worlds the sequel to Streetlight People is now available for early download at Totally Bound.   

                                              Single White Female seeks perfect couple...                            

This is Toni's story...

I sat watching my ex-boyfriend Street and his new girlfriend Andi, from across the cafeteria. I wasn’t really that upset about the break-up. Dean Overstreet’s usefulness had run its course. But the woman at his side had not only captivated Deanshe’d also touched me. Figuratively and literally.

What had started out as a birthday gift for Dean, fulfilling one of his fantasies, had ended in a night of passion for all three of us—one that I will never forget. But the morning after, Dean and I had amicably agreed to part ways. The problem was that we both wanted to actively pursue Andi.

When Dean had brought up the idea of a ménage à trois, my mind had immediately jumped to Andrea. And when Dean had explained the perfect woman he’d envisioned to complete our trifecta, I’d known that he’d had Andi in mind as well. It had been obvious that Andi preferred Dean that night and that it had been her first experience with multiple partners. But when Andi had touched and kissed me, there had been a spark between us. Perhaps she’d favoured Dean, but I was convinced that Andi could go both ways, she just needed a little convincing. Maybe someday, but not now. She and Street were still too hot and heavy with all that new relationship rapture for the moment—when everything a new partner does is still cute and endearing, unlike later when all the secrets are out in the open. But when things cooled between them, I could definitely help them put that excitement back. 

It had been more than a month since we’d been together, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Sighing, I shook my head, disappointed in myself. I’d never been one to dwell on things, so why the hell was this bothering me so much?

General Release: 17th January 2013

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