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Monday 8 September 2014

#MasturbationMonday The Newbs #erotic #excerpt from SWAP

Masturbation Monday has Arrived!

This is my first time taking part — so I'll be gentle.

Here's a quick release from erotic contemporary romance, Swap, a little story about a married woman who has developed the major hots for her equally married brother-in-law.  :o

I woke to the phone ringing and Brent’s deep voice from the kitchen. “Hello… No, she’s still sleeping… I don’t know. I heard her up working most of the night… No, she does that sometimes… Oh, yeah? How many beers…? Ya pisstank, you. That’s like a keg for you. I wondered why your truck was here.”

It was Mike, I thought, closing my eyes.

“Sure, be there in about ten minutes.” Brent laughed and my stomach clenched. Why hadn’t I realised that sometimes he sounded just like Mike? Why couldn’t I just be happy with what I had? This was so weird, even for me. I’d always lived half in reality, half in the stories that revolved in my head. It was why I’d picked writing as my profession—I’d hoped I could remove some of it, if I could just put it all down on paper and make room for what was real. It got me into trouble from time to time, when I couldn’t separate fact from fiction.

I couldn’t afford to do that in my marriage. I could make myself very unhappy reaching for something I could never have when I had a great guy of my own. I wasn’t sure what last night had been about. Had it all been me? Had I made last night happen because I was putting off some kind of vibe, or was Mike really there with me, too? I knew it had happened. It hadn’t been a dream, but I needed to know that he had wanted it too.

A few minutes later I heard the car start up, and then the standard revving that I could see no reason for—but Brent did it every time. I heard him drive away, the roar getting duller.

I rolled over and allowed myself to replay the previous night’s events in my head. Right from the moment Mike had tucked my hair behind my ear, there had been no turning back. I could almost smell him, taste him and hear his harsh breathing, that growl from his chest as his lips had wrapped around my nipple. I was getting so aroused just thinking of it. I ran my hand over my breast, circling my aching nipple through my tank top, wishing my fingers were his lips. I moved my other hand lower, running it over my panties, then inside. I was wet and slick, swollen, waiting, wanting, frustrated. I wanted it to be him touching me. I slid a finger inside, then out slowly, then swirled it around my highly sensitised clit. I circled it leisurely, at the same time making the same, slow circle around my nipple. I gave my boob one last squeeze, then let that hand slide down over my ribs to join the other. I held open my lips with one hand and ran my slick, hot fingertip slowly over the bud until it began to burn. The feeling was so intense. I wanted to go slow, drag it out, but I couldn’t be patient enough. I was still wishing for Mike to finish it. I picked up the speed and tempo, then exploded, bringing myself to a thundering climax.

But I wanted more. I pushed and kneaded my flesh, trying to double the pressure, reaching inside with one finger, then two, then three, priming myself, in and out, imagining it was Mike’s solid, pulsing cock thrusting into me…but I couldn’t reach far enough. I wanted it deep and hard. I wanted him to fill me up and take away the emptiness I was left feeling. I was not the type to own a vibrator, let alone go out and buy one, but if I’d had one I would have put it to good use. Hard.

I finally slowed and pulled my panties back into place. The climax had been good, but only enough to take the edge off. I was left wanting more.

I got up, washed and went for a pee, then went into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of the coffee Brent had made earlier. I turned on the radio and leaned over the counter on my elbows to flip through the newspaper.

I’d never been with a guy other than Brent, I thought, as I mindlessly turned the pages. There had never been anyone else. At least, not for me. Not even in college, because the whole time I’d been there, I was with Brent. I’d experienced every one of my firsts with him.

He’d been with other girls, of course. He’d taught me everything I knew, the way he liked it. When I thought about how we had sex, it was all the same. I could choreograph it out in my head right now. His hand here, my hand there. It was our pattern. I was with him as a teenage girl, and now I was a woman. We’d grown up together. What would it be like to just be me, and take and give what I wanted? As an adult, with my own needs and ideas of what I wanted and how to get it?

Maybe that was half my problem. I just wondered what it would be like to be with another guy. There was that unknown. Could it be better, different, with someone else? And I remembered that rush and expectation of all that newness. But I wasn’t looking for it with some stranger. I was looking for all that with Mike.

“Wow!” I jumped at the sound of Brent’s deep voice. “I love it when you sleep in.”

I turned slowly to find Brent and Mike both staring at my barely covered ass. I was still in only my tank top and panties. Fuck! I thought—the same damp panties I’d just masturbated in, over the man standing beside my husband, whom I couldn’t even look at.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” I said, my voice faint.

“Obviously! But I’m not complaining. You never walk around like that. You’re always covered up.” Brent walked towards me and I cringed inside, hoping he wouldn’t touch me. He grinned and gave me a wink as he walked past. “I’ll get your keys,” he said to Mike, and continued on into the bedroom.

“They’re on my night table,” I called after him.

I crossed my arms over my chest, trying to cover myself before I looked at Mike. I could feel my face flush, but it didn’t stop there. It was like a wave, and I knew it was an all-over bodily reaction.

Mike looked intense. Maybe even angry. He ran his tongue over his lower lip.

I couldn’t stand the silence. How would anything ever be normal between us again? Maybe I didn’t want this. It might ruin everything. Not only between me and Brent, but Mike and I had a great thing going, too. I didn’t want to lose that. “I’m sorry I didn’t get up to return your truck first thing this morning,” I blurted.

I saw his Adam’s apple bob before he started towards me. Just like last night, he tucked my hair behind my ear and his thumb grazed my cheek. My lips parted as I remembered, and I knew he was thinking about it, too. I wanted to touch him. I let my hands fall and I wrapped my fingers into his T-shirt at his waist. My eyes darted across his face, trying to figure him out. What could he possibly be thinking? I wasn’t sure what to expect from him.

“Nice,” he said, his voice husky as he called out my body blush. “I wish I had my camera right now. I’d photograph you just like this.” He brushed the back of his knuckles over my already puckered nipple. “The cotton T-shirt, the sleep-swollen lips and slight but sexy bed-head.”

My hand went immediately to my hair.

“No, don’t. Leave it,” he said, taking my hand and directing it back to his waist. His hands found my hips, gripping me. “Did I keep you out too late?”

“No. My fault. I couldn’t sleep.” My voice sounded meek and pathetic.

“Neither could I,” he admitted.

“I thought you’d sleep well after all those beers.” I tried to tease and smile, but came up short.

His eyes drifted downward, skimming the U of my tank top. “I had a lot on my mind,” he said as his eyes rose back to mine.

My turn to swallow hard. “Find anything appropriate for my eighties piece?” I asked, sputtering more nonsense. I wasn’t even sure if he still wanted to go through with it. Hell, I wasn’t sure that I did.

He exhaled harshly and I felt his warm breath on my neck and chest. His hands tightened on my hips.

“I couldn’t find them.” Brent came back into the room. Mike took a step back from me. “They’d fallen down onto the floor.” He tossed the keys to Mike, who caught them easily. Brent looked at me. “You okay? Don’t you feel well?” His hand cupped my cheek and I wanted to die.

“No, I’m fine. Just didn’t get enough sleep, I guess.” I moved away from him.

He looked between the two of us, obviously sensing something. “What’s up?”

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  1. That is a whole lot of tension!

  2. Awesome! I always enjoy your contribution to MM. ;)