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Friday 19 September 2014

Zarik #BookTour #Giveaway To Meet a Highlander Book One Kahleena MacCarthy @KahleenaM

Book 1 of the To Meet a Highlander series is now available on Amazon and in print.

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About the book -

Zarik MacKinnon, soon to be chief of his clan. Stubborn, unrelenting and not in
need of love. For years he's been told by the clan's druid that someone will
come to save him. Someone for him to love. He's shrugged his shoulders and
continued on in his protection of his clan. Never wanting to be chief, Zarik is
surprised when Tsarina Fraser arrives and is said to be the one he must marry.
The catch? She's from the future.

arrives in old Scotland knowing her destiny. However, she never realized her
wedding could be sabotaged. Would she truly be happy in her new time? Would she
marry the right Highlander? Her fate seemed to be set until her brother and
their mutual friend arrive from the future too.

may only be able to ever promise her food for her belly and protection, but
Tsarina is determined to get him to love her. If she can't, will her love be
enough for the both of them and the clan Zarik will on day
Tsarina, Zarik, their family and friends push on to overcome obstacles,
attacks by neighboring clans, and to find their love for one


     “Now get yerself up from there this instance. I've worked hard on yer hair and yer dress. Stop feeling sorry for yerself. It'll all work out.”
    “I'm glad you're so certain.”
    “Tell me, we have a bit of time still, what else is on yer mind. I ken there's more to it.“
    “I don´t even know where to begin.“ Tsarina shook her head.
    “The beginning is always the best place, my dear. “ Igrid smiled and patted Tsarina´s back.
    “Well, I was happy to see my brother and Galen.“ Again she paused.
    “But...“ Igrid prompted. It had to be difficult to have mixed emotions about a family member. Especially one that you hadn´t seen in such a long time.
    “I don´t know. It seems he´s further complicated an already complicated situation. He´s been my only family for so long. And now I have this huge family here. Although, I know some people only tolerate me because of the chief and his sons. But, it´s still more friends and family than I´ve ever known. I love my brother. And I really have missed him. So, I feel terrible by telling him I won´t go back with him and Galen.“
    “What happens when he decides it´s time for him to leave? Has he not said he doesnae wish to stay?”

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Each week of the tour Kahleena will have a different item to give away. Week 1 is an ebook copy of Zarik. To enter, please use the Rfflecopter below. (Week 2 is a print copy of Zarik, signed if you wish. Week 3 is a chance to be a character in an upcoming book.)

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