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Monday 12 October 2015

New Release - Aaron’s Saving Grace [Ranch Men Book 1] by Tamsin Baker #mm #vampire #cowboys

NEW from Tamsin Baker
Aaron’s Saving Grace 
Ranch Men Book 1. 
M/M, vampire, cowboys
Aaron Whitman’s basic ranching life changed two hundred years ago when his father made him and his brothers vampires, and his mother cursed them all for his father's sin. They cannot leave the family ranch and they must drink from the longhorns that are their livelihood. 

But a lot has changed since his mother’s original spell was cast. The blood of their cattle is barely sustaining them and the mining companies are closing in on their ranch. 

Joshua Miers is a lawyer, hired by Ash Mining to acquire the Whitman’s farm. He soon realizes something is very strange about Aaron and becomes rapt up in a world of paranormal survival and the love of a man who defies all common sense. 

Will Josh help to save the Whitman brothers when a fire threatens all of their lives? Or will he choose the life he has always known and the job he has worked his whole life for?
Screaming started, and they both jerked up. 
“What's that?” Josh asked, jumping to his feet and facing the door.
“My brothers.” Aaron disappeared. Literally.
Fuck, he's fast.
Josh scooped up his jeans and tugged them on as he hopped from foot to foot, making his way to the stairs. He zipped his fly and ran up the stairs, bolting through the open door as the screams got louder and louder.
Josh jumped off the porch, and his eyes tugged him to stare at the red and orange flames engulfing one side of the huge barn. 
He whirled around to see the six brothers, all staring helplessly at the building.
“What are you guys doing just standing there?”
“The cattle. They're all in there.”
That didn’t really answer the question, but it told him something else.
“Oh fuck.” The blood they needed to live was all trapped in a burning building, and the vampires weren’t moving. “Then what the fuck are you doing?”
Aaron turned to stare at him, red tears sliding down his cheeks as anguish contorted his face.
“We can't. Fire will destroy us.”
You’re fucking kidding me!
What was the point of being super strong and fast when a simple thing like a fire rendered you immobile?
Josh groaned and pointed at Ben. “Get the hoses going. I’m sure you have some. Point them at the fire. I'm going in.”
Ben just continued to stare at the flames, and Josh threw his hands up in the air. The damn vampires weren't moving!
“Aaron! Fucking do something!”
He raced off towards the blaze, the heat on his face and bare chest like a furnace, sucking the air out of his lungs. “Whoa.”
The cattle were mooing and generally stomping and making horrible panicked noises, the babies’ screams the worst of the lot. They grated on his nerves like ice on his spine.
Josh surveyed the barn. One whole side was almost in flames. He couldn't put the fire out alone.
His eyes landed on the doors. But he could get the cattle out!
His heart thumping in his chest and blood thundering in his ears, he raced over to the large double bolted doors. Smoke billowed towards him, but he grabbed the large, heavy lever.
It was hot, and he instinctively pulled his hand away again. Argh. He forced his hand back onto the metal and groaned as he pulled it open, letting go as soon as it moved, his hands throbbing with pain.
One more.
He grabbed the locking lever lower down, grunting again as tears stung his eyes and sweat rolled down his forehead. He heaved open the doors, the scared cattle bellowing at him through the smoke.
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