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Monday 2 May 2016

Kicking off Masturbation Month w/ some Flash Fic #MasturbationMonday Enter the #Giveaway!

Welcome to the 87th week of Masturbation Monday and the kick-off of Masturbation Month. Kayla Lords, our weekly meme master, has a month long party, filled with naughty fun and giveaway surprises. Tune in every Monday!

Propped against the pillows, in bed, I channel-surfed, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

When she did, she was nude, as always. Even after all these years, the sight of her beautiful bare skin still made my cock twitch and lengthen. Yes, three kids had changed the shape of her body, but for the better in my opinion. She had the nicest curves now. Fuller breasts and wider hips. Even that slight swell of her abdomen that she complained she could never get rid of, no matter how much cardio or how many crunches she did, I found sexy as fuck.

She slid into bed with a deep sigh. On her back, she shifted getting comfy. She finally propped her head on my chest.

"Tough day baby?" I asked, while cupping one curvaceous breast. 

"Don't know about tough, but I'm glad to see the end of it."

I gave her pale plump flesh a squeeze. She made that familiar sound of contentment in the back of her throat and didn't swat my hand away, so I knew I was okay to keep it up. My cock tented the sheet when we didn't get rebuffed.

With my fingers I stroked and twiddled her sensitive nipple to a hard point. 

Prompt for Masturbation Monday Week 87To my delight, she groped to the side, looking to give me some attention too. We shifted and readjusted ourselves, her back to my chest, so we could reach one another. 

She palmed my stiff cock before fisting it firmly. "Mmm," I hummed, enjoying her touch.

I let my hand drift downward over her ribs and tummy. I couldn't help but let out another appreciative groan when I skimmed over her smooth mound. 

Parting my middle and index fingers, I traced the natural slope of her outer lips. She shifted her hips and pulled up her knees giving me full access. 

"God I love how that feels," I whispered against her neck. 

"Me too," she murmured, as I dipped into her folds. 

"Uhhh, you're already wet," I said, sucking softly just under her ear. I thrust my hips, forcing my cock more fully into her hand. 

"That's my girl," I praised as she upped the tempo. 

I let my fingers explore and probe all her favourite spots and mine too. With my middle finger I teased her opening then dragged my finger slowly until i reached her swollen clit. 

The more I played with her cunt, the more vocal and restless she got. She shifted her hips and arched her back. I alternated between teasing her clit and fingerfucking her.

The wetness between her thighs turned downright slippery, turning me on even more. I thrust two then three fingers inside her, knowing how good it felt to ram my cock in there, enveloping me tightly in all that sweet welcoming heat. She tasted just as good as she felt.  

I kissed her jaw. "Bring that sweet pussy up here. I wanna lick you." I felt her stomach clench under my forearm.

"Unh," she moaned. "Oh, baby, it's too late for that." Just then her pussy clenched at my fingers, trying to draw them deeper. "Ohhh, yeah," she cried. "Yeah..."

As she climaxed, she lost the pumping rhythm on my cock but she rubbed the tip against the gentle swell of her breast as I continued to thrust. The soft give of her flesh made it feel as though I was still becoming a part of her body. It was enough for me. I quit holding back and joined her. 

Thank you to Kayla Lords for the delicious image prompt and for all the wonderful surprises coming our way for the entire month of May. Hop on over to Masturbation Monday Central for the master list of this week's M-M participants. Be sure to enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win! Have an awesome Monday, everyone!


  1. Lovely words to go with the imagery x x happy Masturbation Month x

  2. This was as sweet as it was sexy. That he still wanted her as much was almost more of a turn on for me.

  3. I love, love, LOVE when you write flash fiction. This was absolutely lovely. I think most of us would like our evenings to end on a note like this. I know I'll be making a suggestion to a certain someone tonight, lol. ;)