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Monday 23 May 2016

Week 90 #MasturbationMonday Blissfully Confused #flashfic

Masturbation month continues and Kayla Lords keeps upping the delicious visual prompts. Here's some more flash fiction. (Hope it makes sense, it's late... or early here and I'm a little bleary eyed) LOL

She went down on me with utter abandon, swallowing my cock over and over. Rivulets of saliva poured down my shaft. 

With one steadying hand on my pulsing dick, she used her free hand to play with my balls. At first just soft touches, stroking and exploring. She spread the wetness from her mouth all over my swollen testes. Her caresses became more bold, more invasive. She toyed with my arse. Reflexively, I clenched. 

She made some sound of protest, but thankfully didn't release the suction on my greedy cock. But the hum reverberated through my shaft all the way down to my sac. My hips twitched driving my length deeper into her throat.

She sucked hard on an upward arc. I was about to grab her head, force her down on me and end the sweet torture, but she released me. She looked up at me and I could tell by the gleam in her eyes, she had something more on her mind. 

She shimmied down the bed until she was between my legs. With soft teasing strokes she teased my balls with her tongue, laving and licking them, even taking a moment to give some attention to my
perianal-area, coming close to my butthole once more. A gutteral groan escaped me. It wasn't often she graced me with such thorough attention and I was enjoying every second of it. 

One at a time, she sucked one ball then the other into her hot mouth, alternating rolling her tongue and sucking softly. 

"Jesus woman what are you doing to me?"

She released the suction with a soft pop. "Feel good?" she asked, looking up at me. My cock throbbed between us answering for me. 

"Feels sooo good."

"Well baby, you ain't felt nothin' yet." She reached for the lube that conveniently sat on the bed beside me. Then she slipped right off the end of the bed and onto the floor. 

"Scooch that fine ass down here," she said before squeezing a liberal blob of lubricant into her hand. 

 In all haste, I crabbed to the end of the bed. She coated my stiff cock and my ass with the slippery stuff. 

Firmly she wrapped her hand around the base of my dick and pumped gently. She fluttered her fingers over my center. Every time I stiffened, she darted away. She continued to circle and tap my sphincter until I was ready for the invasion I knew was coming. 

She switched back and forth, giving a quick hand job then a little anal play. Changing it up, doing both at the same time, keeping me blissfully confused. 

"Pull your knees back, love," she said, breathily. I almost smiled. It was something I often said to her. 

As I tucked my hands behind my knees and held my legs, she surreptitiously, slid her index finger inside my arse, knuckle deep. 

"Sneak," I accused, without heat. 

"Is that complaint?" She wiggled her finger, then worked it in and out sending a zing of sensation through me. She tightened her grip when my cock jerked. "Easy cowboy," she smirked. 

 Gingerly, she slid that one digit in and out, upping the tempo. She hit the sweet spot and I groaned at the sensation but just as quickly she lost it. 
As if sensing the tension building in me, she added her middle finger as well. I got used to the slight stretching and gentle burn quickly, actually welcoming it and the feeling of fullness. I wondered if that's how she felt when I was buried deep inside her. 

"Uhhh, fuuuckk!" I groaned at not only my own thoughts but what she was doing to me. 

Gently, she slid her fingers deeper and immediately searched for the most pleasurable spot known to man. She pressed up and inward aiming for my bellybutton. The anticipation and my growing need was just about killing me. 

Impatiently, I shifted my hips, as she circled, trying to help her find it. My entire body broke out in a fine sheen of sweat. My lower stomach tingled with excitement. My cock swelled to ultimate hardness. 

Curling her fingertips, she pressed in and slightly upward, using the classic come hither motion. 

 I hit the freaking ceiling. “Oh fuck, yes! Jesus fuck, yeah, right there."

"Found it," she crowed, jubilantly. 

I bore down on her hand, seeking more. 
She lightened up on the hand job but increased the speed of the internal swirling massage. 

"Ohhh … my fuck…” 
 My cock pulsed and I contracted my stomach muscles trying to prolong the incredible sensations. But it only served to heighten the tension and the deep simmer in my belly.

She rooted all the action right there, at the base of my cock making sure when she pumped, the action went deep, pressing into my pelvic bone, while internally her crooked fingers rubbed my swollen prostate. 

"Uhhh," I growled. My hips circled right before my rectum spasmed, hugging and releasing her fingers. My insides clenched. 

“Oh, yes, come, love, oh come,” she begged. 

With masterful strokes, inside and out, she brought me to a mind-blowing orgasm. My dick pulsed and juddered in her hand, exploding in intense satisfying surges from deep down inside me, radiating out. Powerful streams of come jetted, again and again, marking both of us.  

“Oh my fuck…” My hips continued to thrust jerkily as I emptied. 

“That was fucking amazing," I struggled for breath. My entire body continued to throb. 

She withdrew and gently laid my dwindling dick against my lower stomach. 

"I'll be right back." She disappeared into the bathroom. 

I'd somewhat recovered by the time she came back. I could quite happily just cuddle up and go to sleep but after that, she deserved a little something in return. 

"On your back, baby. It's your turn." Her lovely eyes flared and her mouth ohed. I was pleased when she rushed to do my bidding. 

I stood up but my legs were shaky. "Holy fuck, woman."


"Ya made me weak in the fucking knees."

Proud of herself, she grinned. "Remember when ya wouldn't let me play back there?"

"Yeah. Idiot me." 

More steady on my feet now, I reached for her, rubbing her bare thigh. 

"Pull those knees back." When she did, I took a moment just to look. Her pussy glistened. "Fuck that's nice." I smoothed my fingers over her. "Looks like you enjoyed it almost as much as I did."

"Almost," she grinned softly. 

"Ya ain't felt nothin' yet," I repeated her boast from earlier before burying my fingers in her hot wet pussy.

Hope you enjoyed the snip. Hop on over to Kayla's for this week's master list of Masturbation Monday participants and for US residents, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway! Have an awesome Monday and Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians!

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  1. Apparently, bleary-eyed suits you. This was hot. I love the role change at the end. ;)