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Monday 22 August 2016

Cover Reveal - Coming soon from @eXtasyBooks Adrenaline Lust #gayforyou #erotica

I'm happy to unveil something new! 
Coming soon 
Adrenaline Lust
Genre: contemporary, medical, m/m, erotica, gay-for-you

A great big THANK YOU to the lovely and talented, 
Erin Dameron-Hill for this delicious cover. 
Find her website and samples of her amazing work 
HERE at edhGraphics

Here's the book Blurb: unedited... 

Adrenaline Lust follows intern Blaine Sproles as he navigates his fellowship in the emergency department of a busy hospital. After a particularly gruesome trauma, Blaine and his attending physician, Dr. Kin Jerome, find themselves in a post adrenaline-fueled tryst. A surprise encounter that leaves Blaine questioning not only his spontaneous behavior but also his sexual-orientation.

Though the more experienced Doctor Jerome, sloughs it off as nothing more than, a burst of normal Post Adrenaline Lust, a spontaneous burst of hormones after a traumatic experience, Blaine is not convinced, and can't stop thinking about it or the handsome older physician.

Working so closely, the normally heterosexual men explore an intimate relationship built on mutual respect, caring and smoldering attraction. 
What more can two people ask for than to find another human being to love. But it's uncharted territory for both men. Can it truly last? Or will it fizzle out just as quickly as it began, proving the original hypothesis, that Adrenaline Lust is nothing more than a flash of hormonal desire without the need of emotional attachment or longevity. 
Stay tuned for more deets as they become available

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