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Saturday 8 October 2016

#MySexySaturday Sexy in History - a snip from #timetravel erotic rom, Lost Time

Welcome to the 162nd week of My Sexy Saturday

This week’s theme: Sexy in History

This week a snippet from historical time-travel erotic romance,
Lost Time. Anyone in the mood for a sexy Scotsman? 


He raised his dark head and looked at her as if he knew he was not pleasing her, his dark orbs blazing desire. “You will show me what you like. I would pleasure my woman to pleasure myself.” 

Even though his speech was weird, Hannah trembled as he called her his woman. No one had ever called her that. 

“Okay, buster, you asked for it.” She not so gently coaxed him onto his back.

“Buster?” he questioned. 

“Yeah, for right now, I’m Lass and you’re Buster.” No names needed.

He gave her a slow, bemused nod.

She ignored him. “Can we get rid of these?” She ran a finger on the inside of his pants. “They are kind of in my way.” He untied the laces. She watched, fascinated by the fact that he had lace-up trousers at all—authentic-looking apparel just like he’d worn to pose for the portrait. Perhaps he worked at a Renaissance house or a medieval tourist attraction, she thought momentarily, trying to explain his clothing. Then Hannah’s attention went straight to the impressive, mouth-watering bulge in those breeches, and all the questions she had didn’t seem to matter. 

“Ya have a difficult time keepin’ your eye from there, yeah?” he teased her. She felt the blush creep up her neck. “I saw how your eyes lingered. Ya wondered, didn’t ya?” He pulled the tight-fitting material from his body. “I promise ya, lass, ya will not be disappointed,” he vowed arrogantly.

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