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Saturday 24 August 2013

#MySexySaturday Another Snip from Swap

Around here, the song of the summer has to be Dallas Smith's Nothing But Summer.

It doesn't hurt that Dallas is a fellow Canadian and I was a fan of his back when he was lead singer of  Default

But there's a line in the song

Couple in the water, making waves, you and me sleeping off in the shade...
and every time I hear him sing it, it brings back the imagery that was in my head while writing this scene between Hailey and Mike from my first erotic romance, Swap 


God, I was dying, drowning, swimming in sensation. Just having him close to me, touching me, desiring me, kissing me… It made me crazy. I was so very close to coming. I trembled, in spite of my overheated skin. I wanted to dive over the edge and take him with me. “Touch me,” I pleaded.

He cupped my backside with both hands, pulling me fully against his impressive hard-on and sending another tingling shiver of electricity through my body. “We need to cool off.”

No, I complained in my own head. Mike took my hand and we walked to the water. I didn’t want to cool off—I wanted to fuck him. Why wouldn’t he just let go and give us both what we wanted?

We held hands as we waded out. “Oh, it’s chilly,” I uttered.

He let go of my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist. I did the same to him as we strode deeper. He started to drift off to the left, where a huge willow hung over the water, its sweeping branches creating shade and—dared I hope?—privacy. As soon as we were under its cover, he pulled me to him and devoured my mouth. I revelled in his kiss, taking his mouth over the way I did in my fantasies. I didn’t hold back. Our hands were everywhere, touching, exploring. I slid my hand down over his throbbing cock, letting my fingers mould and shape him. I could feel the contained excitement rushing through it, almost boiling under the thin skin, just waiting to burst free. I wanted to do that for him. It excited me to know that I was causing him this forbidden pleasure. He moaned and elbowed my hand away, signalling he couldn’t take much more of that, then trailed his mouth down my chin, his teeth grazing my neck, making my skin sizzle with sultry heat. He kissed the swell of my breast just before scraping his teeth across my nipple through my top. I cried out when I felt the warmth of his tongue lap over me, sending a lightning bolt of need straight to my engorged cunt.

With the help of the buoyancy of the water, I floated my legs up, wrapping them greedily around Mike, holding his hardness to my softness. He circled my ass with his hands, gripping tightly. I rubbed my greedy crotch shamelessly over him as he continued to lave my nipple. I was practically riding him. I wanted him to release his hot cock from those shorts and shove aside my bikini bottoms and come inside me, ending this exquisite torture for both of us.

I was so turned on that even the coolness of the water could not dilute my need. I could feel the telltale fluttering begin deep inside me. I sobbed deep in my throat, as my body took over the rhythmic abrasion that would end the burning torture for me. I pulled his head free from my breast and I fed on his mouth as I came, trying to eke out every last shudder of ecstasy coursing through me. Did he know what he did to me?

Copyright © H K Carlton, 2012

Hailey Hollinger has it all—a great husband, a fantastic career in journalism, good friends...and one hot brother-in-law that won’t stay out of her fantasies.

When Hailey Hollinger was eighteen she thought her boyfriend, Brent, was the best-looking guy around. That was until he introduced her to his older brother, Mike. From that moment on she had the biggest crush on him and he became the star of all her teenage fantasies.

Hailey’s all grown up now and has been married to Brent for three years. They have great careers, a nice house—they enjoy life and each other. Everything is supposed to be perfect. Except for that pesky little infatuation with her husband’s brother has never completely gone away.

A crush, by nature and definition, is supposed to be short-lived and should diminish over time. But, unfortunately for Hailey, it hasn’t, and it is beginning to mess with what she thinks should be perfection. And if her life is so great, why does she then find herself groping her brother-in-law in the cab of his truck like some sex—starved teenager? And the biggest question yet—why is he groping her right back?


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  5. Nothing like getting hot in the cool water! Great excerpt.