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Saturday 17 August 2013

#MySexySaturday A Snip from a Recent Sub

This week My Sexy Saturday belongs to Jase and Lainey from a recent submission (fingers crossed for an acceptance). I think I'll even keep the working title to myself for now. But I hope you enjoy this little tease.


“Get in the backroom. Now!” he said, in a low authoritative voice. She hesitated but when he turned the Open sign to Closed and he locked the door, she started to back into the little room. In large strides he followed, stalking her, loosening his tie as he came at her.

She was almost to the wall of the backroom when his large body shadowed the door-frame.

Lainey watched him warily. He seemed almost angry. Intense.

“Any cameras back here?”

She shook her head. 

Locking the back door he then moved like a caged cat to where she stood.

Without a word; he started dragging her skirt up. His jaw was tight, like he had his teeth clamped tightly together. His lips were drawn in a hard line. Once he had her skirt up around her waist he tucked his index fingers under the soft elastic in her panties and as he started to kneel down in front of her, he dragged the garment to her ankles on his descent.
©Copyright H K Carlton 2013

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  1. Oh, and this is how a lot of my fantasies start *shivers*. Fingers crossed for your acceptance on this one, but I think if the rest follows through with this, you will be accepted, no worries. Thanks so much for sharing such a "oh hell yeah!" snippet with us all :D

  2. Oh my....angry sexiness. Gotta love that...and for some reason I get the feeling she's all to willing to let him work his...emotions on her body. :)