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Monday 27 January 2014

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In celebration of my latest m/f/f ménage release with Totally Bound, The Best of Both Worlds, I'm doing a giveaway. And if you read to the end of this post, answer the question and leave your answer along with an email address in the comments section, you'll be entered in for a chance to win not just one, but two ebooks.

 BLURB: The Best of Both Worlds

Single white female seeks perfect couple…

After participating in a threesome with her boyfriend and a female schoolmate, Antoinette Oakes finds herself alone. But Toni is less upset by the loss of her boyfriend than she is by the realisation that her idea of the perfect relationship requires two people. A man and a woman.

The week before graduation, in the midst of setting up job interviews and apartment hunting in New York, Toni is summoned back home to Manchester, Georgia—a place she swore she’d never return to—and to a father she has no desire to see. The last thing Toni expects is to rekindle old feelings for her high school beau, Griffin, let alone reawaken a past infatuation with her former best girlfriend, Avery, with whom she once shared a passionate kiss and a little bit more.

But keeping her eye on the ultimate prize, Toni is determined to move to New York, where the impossible dream of finding that perfect couple just might be possible. Something the small town intolerant community she grew up in would never understand. Toni wants the best of both worlds and will settle for nothing less, even if that means leaving Griffin and Avery behind, for a second time


The Best of Both Worlds is all about Toni striving to find her perfect and permanent polyamorous relationship. But before that, Toni shared an unforgettable threesome with Street and Andi from the first book Streetlight People.

BLURB: Streetlight People
 We all have hidden desires. Sometimes we conceal them, even from ourselves.

Andrea, your average college co-ed, has signed up for some extra courses at the local university, but so far the only thing that has sparked her interest is the sexy guy on campus with the tight-fitting jeans, muscle-hugging T-shirt and ever-present shabby cowboy boots. From their fiery exchange of awareness, the admiration is not completely one-sided.

After a miserable day at her part-time job and a few drinks, Andi takes a walk, only to find herself in the arms of her campus crush, Street. As the two get to know each other rather robustly against a storefront window, Street’s girlfriend appears and issues a deliciously steamy proposition.

Andrea soon realises she’s about to get a crash course in down-and-dirty street smarts that she won’t soon forget, under the smouldering tutelage of Street and his exotic-looking girlfriend, Toni. Apparently, you can score anything on the street these days—even a threesome!

After a frenzied night of satisfying experimentation, Andi sneaks out while her two companions sleep, escaping the particularly awkward morning after. But in the stark light of day, Andi has to admit that her feelings for Street are more than simple infatuation, and Toni isn’t a part of the new equation.

Could Andrea possibly hope Street might feel the same?

Here's an excerpt from Streetlight People

Street swept me up in his arms, as if I weighed nothing, and took me to their bedroom. He set me gently on the bed then pulled his T-shirt over his head. My heart tripped at the sight of his bare chest and tanned, bulging biceps. I opened my arms to him. He levered himself above me and kneed my legs open, settling his hips between my legs. The weight of his big body felt good bearing down on me.

We went straight back to kissing each other crazily, all tongues and teeth, nipping and teasing, hot and hungry. It was a good thing I was already lying down, because this was the kind of kiss that would normally have made my knees buckle. I ran my hands over his back, exploring his hardness.

I could feel myself relaxing by degrees, as though a slow wave of warmth was flooding my body from top to bottom. I wondered for a split second if she’d slipped a little something more into my drink than just the rum because, as I began to unwind, the thought of touching Toni didn’t seem so wrong to me anymore. I actually wanted to. I mean, I still wanted to touch Street more, but I also thought that her and me touching each other might turn him on too.

But I didn’t have time to think for long because Street kissed down my neck
and chest, finally pausing to take my nipple back into his mouth and circling his tongue around the tight bud. I closed my eyes and savoured the tension growing inside me. I felt his hand encircle my other breast and begin the same slow swirl with his finger. I started to rock my hips against him, needing the added pressure.

The bed dipped with Toni’s weight and I felt her body spoon against my side—and Street’s too, since he was mostly on top of me. I felt her warm breath on my skin and I tensed.

“It’s okay, baby,” Street soothed. “It’s gonna feel so good.”

But I wasn’t scared anymore. I tensed, more in anticipation than fear. And the only thought that kept running through my head was that I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I might not get the chance to enjoy it at all. I was so turned on. I was so hot. My cunt was already on fire and eager, nerve endings rippling with the electricity of what was to come.

They worked in tandem, as if they’d choreographed it, or it was practised. I remembered Street saying that Toni had picked me. Did that mean they did this often? Just picked up some stranger on the street corner and took them home to play with? I didn’t want to think about that right now. I’d think on it later, when there weren’t two different tongues laving my nipples.

I looked down at them. Toni flicked my right nipple with her delicate pink tongue, while Street lapped at the left, his caress not as soft but just as arousing. They made eye contact and seemed to communicate silently, making their tongues do exactly the same tormenting, slow circuit, followed by a rapid flicking rhythm that had me teetering on the edge of a major orgasm. My hips moved of their own accord, twisting and grinding under Street’s hard body.

All of a sudden they stopped licking me and I watched as their heads drew together. Their lips met and I looked on as their tongues began to tangle.

I gasped at being left hanging, needing, wanting. Just as quickly, as if with one mind, they broke apart and licked a path softly, teasingly, down my stomach. My belly clenched and shuddered in response. I fell back onto the pillow and closed my eyes against the violent need snaking through me. One of them paused at my belly button and teased it maddeningly, giving me a preview of what I might expect on my burning clit—if they ever got that far. I just might explode at the thought of it before they’d even travelled that short distance.  

The snap on my jeans was released for the second time tonight and one of them unzipped me. I lifted my hips and they stripped me of my jeans and panties. I was completely naked now. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but thought I would die if we stopped now.

 ©Copyright H K Carlton 2013

Now, for what you've all been waiting for, here's the contest/giveaway. 

I will be giving away to one lucky commenterboth books an e-book of Streetlight People and the sequel The Best of Both Worlds

And the skill testing question is...
What is Toni/Annie's complete first name? 
Check The Best of Both Worlds blurb displayed near the top of this post.

Leave your answer in the comments below and on January 30th, I will pick one winner. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address.

Thanks for stopping in and I hope you enjoyed the excerpts.

Until then my Streetlight Peeps...Take Care and Happy Reading.



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